Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cadbury Mini Eggs And Mexico.....

Oh how you will be the death of me! It is that time of year again. The time of year where I try my hardest to not buy bag after bag of the oh so very yummy mini eggs. It's like Pringles, "once you pop you can't stop" and by can't stop I mean until the stores run out!!! The only saving grace is that these delicious little bites are only available for a few select months of the year but man oh man are they good. I opened my first bag on Sunday...already half way through and the mini egg anxiety has begun to set in...I already said to Alex, "oh the next time we go to the store remind me to get some mini eggs".

Ok enough about that...so as you all know we went to Mexico last week. It was amazing!!! The whole week was spent with morning walks on the beach for a few miles (above the log I wanted to make into a coffee table....that wouldn't fit back on the plane), mid morning laps in the pool, afternoon strolls through town and A LOT of eating and drinking with some our favorite loved ones. I am tan, full and can barely button my pants but it was worth every calorie!!! Some of the highlights are as follows....

If you go to Playa Del Carmen you have to eat at El Fogon (corner of 30th and Constitution), hands down, one of the best meals we had there and the entire check, including drinks came to $30 bucks. It was a no frills, you sit in plastic chairs and don't EXACTLY know what you may be eating but every bite is so very tasty. Get whatever they are grilling on the grill with a huge platter of freshly made tortillas and wash it down with a super cold beer. Right when you sit down they bring you freshly pickled nopal (cactus), three fresh salsas, fresh radish and onion slices along with a cup of very tasty white bean soup. The day we went there it was so hot out I was a melting (not in a good way) so I ran into the bathroom (use this word VERY loosely) to freshen up a bit but found it was nothing but a closet with a toilet with no seat on it. BUT this was the only place in the open air shack that had AC so what did I do you ask? I took my shorts off and stood there for about 5 minutes flushing the toilet every once and awhile so people waiting wouldn't think I was WEIRD! That's what I did! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Thank you El Fogon for your AC filled "bathroom closet" and your very very yummy bites of tasty goodness.

Around the corner from this was a small market with a cafe. The cafe was the the most amazing fresh juices, highlight by far is a green juice with orange, pineapple, honey and some tasty green local leaves (I forget the name of them). We went to this market a few times because I liked it so much. They had TONS of fresh organic fruits, veggies and dried goods. I bought a kilo of this special paste (it was the only size it came in) that looked like a red BRICK OF COCAINE. The Achiote Paste was something we used in one of the dishes we made during our cooking class and the fabu instructor, Coty, said we should buy it here and bring it back. I did, $1.10 USD but had SO much anxiety bringing it across the border because it looked like a brick of cocaine wrapped up in a few plastic bags and a zip lock bag because it had such a strong smell. ha ha ha Custom's 100% left me a little love note in my bag. They thought they hit the jackpot but not so much my friends...not so much.

*FYI the brick made it back into the country and I am currently selling chunks of this amazing paste for the low low price of $20 an ounce. :) But with this paste you can make what I did...see below. (I bet I could buy this shit in East Boston but I was a little caught up in the moment, Oh Well!!)

(And YES I totally made that, well this was Alex's plate because mine didn't look this pretty but you get the idea)

And how could you not love this guy! He owned a chicharrons shop. We were just walking by and I fell so in love with him. I wanted to take him home with us but again Alex said no!! (what a wet blanket!) After I asked him if I could take this picture we started walking away and he came over with two huge pieces of chicharron and a big smile. Can't say no to fried pork skin!

And we must end this with my sombrero montage! OLE!

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