Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dear San Diego....I miss you.....

Days like Friday make me REALLY miss Southern California....even with a vacation to some where warm I still can not take ANY MORE SNOW or long commutes in this crap!

 At least I still look pretty tan... So I do have that going for me! (I am CLINGING to any ounce of tan left on my skin with a little bit of help from my friend, self tanner. Alex called me out on it again yesterday. He was like, "Why do you look SO TAN?" And by tan he meant Oompla Lompa Orange. I guess I over did JUST a touch). I was doing intervals on the treadmill yesterday morning and I thought to myself...I want this weekend to feel more like a relaxing vacation verse just a weekend. But how?

Weekends are never long enough. They are always filled with things I have to get done that I couldn't get done during the week. I do get to do some cooking which, crazy as it is, I find somewhat relaxing but still even with laying on the couch and possibly taking a nap it is still not NEARLY as relaxing as a vacation. Why?

My vacations aren't the "laying by the pool all day or beach all day". I tend to have some pretty action packed schedules even on vacations but for some reason they tend to be more relaxing than Saturday and Sunday. Could it be that the vacations are longer than 2 days? Probably.... Could it be that I am able to unplug completely and not check work email when it dings on my iPhone? Sure

But either way there HAS to be a way to make the most of out my weekends and still make them feel more relaxing. So this weekend and going forward I am going to try my best to make my weekends feel more like a vacation or at least this is my attempt.

How did I do yesterday you ask?

Not half bad....ran some errands, cleaned a bit, threw some flowers in a vase (if this whole event planning thing doesn't work out I totally have a future in being a florist.... no not really at all)

 relaxed on the couch, watched some tv and then hung out with this guy (one of my oldest and dearest friends) and some other fabulous people for dinner at Angela's in East Boston. (We can not get enough Mexican food in our lives!)

So my question to all of you in the world of blogs, how do you relax over the weekend???

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