Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Turning over a new leaf

A few weekends ago I did something I haven't done in a long time. Nothing all day. Might have been partially do to being a little "dehydrated" as my mom likes to call it. Please read: hung over and sleep deprived. But either way I didn't do much of anything. Spent the afternoon reading in the sun, cataloging my yarn (yes I know.... What a WILD AND CRAZY life I lead!) as best I could and watching endless episodes of Law and Order on Netflix. But here's the real kicker. My favorite yarn store was having the most killer sale (20% - 50% EVERYTHING IN THE STORE) and I didn't go. Why? Great question.... because I have too many projects to do right now and I am broke. Very very broke.

For the past month I have been "trying" to live within this budget I drew up for myself and finding it utterly impossible. I mean like TOTALLY impossible. I am a social butterfly who likes expensive things and unfortunately my pay check does not agree with this life style at all. Looks like I need to go back to my old motto (which I don't really think I followed when I wrote it 10 years ago because some how I have $12k in credit card debt and just some hand bags and shoes to show for it.....DAMN YOU CARRIE BRADSHAW!!!!!) "living fabulously within my means". 

This actually needs to be applied to my life much sooner than later because people I have big news. HUGE NEWS! Nope I am not pregnant or engaged...nope nope nope...I found an apartment! Last month I started "looking" to see what's out there and I realized that there isn't much in my price range. After a few weeks of window shopping places online and some SCARY Craigslist replies I had a sinking feeling that I was going to end up living in Chinatown in a windowless basement apartment that smelled like kung pao chicken and fish heads.

About an month ago I was having lunch and cocktails with my fabulous friend Jacqui, who suggested I check out an apartment in Savin Hill. Her friend was looking for a roommate and she thought I would just love the location plus it didn't hurt that the price was cheap. I mean like REALLY cheap. (Please note....I would rather lick a homeless person than live with someone again at this moment in time) I said, "Sure I'll check it out!".  So after a few back and forth "hi how are you text messages" I found myself on a Friday afternoon in front of this turn of the century home in Dorchester.

 It looked like it was converted to apartments in the late 70's. There was a decent amount of street parking, a hip bar across the street and walking distance to the red line....not horrible.... And then I walked inside the place.....The gal who was showing me the place main selling point was "there is a cop who is ALWAYS on that street corner 24 hours a day so you should feel sort of safe walking home from the t or parking your car at night" (god help me, Toto, Looks like we're not in Kansas any more). Oh and let's not forget she was looking for roommates (PLURAL!!!!), so far the contestants were Yours Truly and a 23 year old Gay Grad Student who she claims was shy and didn't make a sound. (i.e. will be bringing home random guys every other night and then crying in his room while cutting himself later) and the cherry on this sundae....she had a BLIND mini pincher who was named pumpkin. The dog had just eye sockets, no balls...just sockets. And well people that's just a nightmare waiting to happen. I could just picture myself waking up in the middle of the night screaming after pumpkin had taken a wrong turn and wandered into my bedroom. He would climb up onto my bed and then just be "staring" at me. Yikes!

The search for the "perfect" apartment was starting to look pretty grim seeing everything that was half way decent and not on the corner of drive by street and hooker alley was $1500 to $1800 a month. Which is waaaaaaaay out of my price range. That is until I saw this apartment come up on the MLS listings. I knew I had to jump on it. The area it's in is great! It's filled with old Victorian homes that are now converted into duplexes, on the T Line (the subway here in the Boston Area), the town has a couple of restaurants and bars I don't hate, near the groceries stores I like, a few good friends are just blocks away and still close enough to the highway. It's a little more than I can afford but for 1000 sq feet, a little porch and lots of sun light it sounded like paradise....I hadn't even seen it in person yet and I was already in love. I called the guy who was listing it right away and made an appointment to see it as soon as possible that week. When I got there to view the place I found out half of the suburbs also wanted to come by and see it! I was one of 22 people putting in an application to rent this apartment. WTF?!? It almost felt like I was holding the last pair of drop dead beautiful Tory Burch heels that I know I shouldn't buy and can't afford  but because 22 other people want them I know HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!!!!

So after walking through the apartment with the other people like a herd of cattle I just knew I had to have it. I couldn't even begin to tell you what the space looks like or how much room I really have but at the time I knew it was PERFECT! 

So with a little help from people who love me, a lot of hope that the condo will sell asap and a leap of faith I am moving. Moving in 5 short days..... And with moving comes....drum roll please...PACKING! God what a total nightmare this is. If I was a hoarder I think I would have jumped into the Charles River by now but lucky for me I have very little emotional attachment to any possessions, just people so I keep throwing away bags and bags of stuff that I have been holding on to for years.

I tend to keep things for the "just in case I might......(fill in the blank with ANY, I mean ANY scenario at all! Zombie Apocalypse (check), Being whisked away by George Clooney on a yacht in the Mediterranean (check) The list can go on and on but I think you get the idea). I stumbled across ALL of my journals and poetry from 1991 - 1998. Oh sweet baby jesus what the hell was I thinking keeping this stuff?! I have lugged these across this great country twice and now two moves in the Boston Area for what?! To listen to my 13 year old self talk about how I got grounded for 6 months from stealing nail polish at a Rite Aid. Or how my parents "just don't get it!?" I still don't get "it"! And yet here they come to Malden!!

I have tossed A LOT of crap and I think also acquired much more stuff thanks to my mom and the worlds best step father. The two of them cleaned out their basement as well as some other family members and friends who are all donating to the "Beth needs furniture" Fund. Currently we are accepting donations for a funky coffee table (think Restoration Hardware), couch (would like something Mid Century Modernish) and possibly a small kitchen table with chairs. (not sure about this one though because again I was only in the apartment for literally a minute and said I would take it!)

That's what's been going on in my life as of right now. Well that and.....I've also starting to date again...I'm currently dating a really great guy who makes me smile so much my face hurts all the time but more on that later!