Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer is ending and something I will never learn....

What a fun few weeks it has been friends. Since coming back from Vegas at the beginning of this month it has been a non-stop whirl wind of summer time fun!

Weekends spent with these people...

(Someone took the last of the margarita while I was distracted by a sizzling platter walking by)

(Happy Monday to our Philly!!!)

Our trip to Nantucket...

 (How it started!!!!)

 (How it ended!!!)

But what is a blog post without me venting for a second.. Deep thoughts by yours truly.....

There are not many things I truly hate in life. I honestly think my time here (on this big blue green marble) is waaaaaay to short to REALLY hate something. I mean don't get me wrong I dislike almost everything from time to time but when it comes down to the effort I have to make to truly hate something.....I would rather waste that energy secretly or not so secretly judging 85% of the population who I see on a daily basis and make up stories about them in my head. Cheers to that!

I more than ANYTHING in this world I HATE coming home after an evening of fun and dare I say a cocktail or ten to this....

 You would think at 32 I would have this shit down to a science....NOPE! Absolutely not. I can plan every moment of an event for a group of 1500 people but figure out how to make the bed before I leave the house on a Saturday night or at the very least take the sheets OUT of the washer and put them in the dryer so I can put them on the bed when I get home.....Oh no my friends that would be asking too much. 

So 15 agonizing minutes later....of me whining to my self. (Sing it with me people, "All by my self.....don't wanna be....all by myyyyyyyy seeeeeellllllffffff!!!!") Taaaaaa Daaaaaaaa!
It's hard being me sometimes....

 But now back to reality....well almost! This weekend I am going to clam baking and making/canning the "Roseto Family Sauce" pictures and tomato stains to come! Stay Tuned people!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Guess I am never going to grow up....There is no light at the end of this tunnel name is Beth and I'm addicted to Candy Crush on my iPad.

To my credit I did make every effort to attempt to avoid the downward spiral that is this horrible game. I download books on my kindle (TONS OF THEM), I have magazines loaded on my iPad just ready to be opened, Hell (not that this is saying much for character) I still have the whole second season of American horror story to watch (at least it's not the Real Housewives of Some County" ) that I PAID for on iTunes yet still.....still when I have a second of free time to kill what do I do? Go STRAIGHT to Candy Crush. Holy Shit I have a problem!

Here I am, 32 years young and bored on an airplane. Instead of picking up a book....I go right to the hell that is game. I spent 2 weeks....yep you read that right...2 freaking weeks trying to beat some level in the 20's. I have even been known to adjust the time (its's a long story and if you don't play the game this will make NO sense at all) on my iPad to make my lives come back quicker.

Like I said I have a problem! To offset this mindless crap I have filled my kindle to the brim with every book I can think of including a few I will NEVER read like the autobiography of Ben Franklin (it was free) just to make myself feel better that maybe ONE day I will grow up and not play this crap and actually learn something. There really is no hope here though.

I am currently trying to learn Italian with a free app I downloaded on my IPad (Yep again you read that right...I would use the would try very loosely here) and instead of learning how to say, "I am a woman who eats the apple" (I can say that in Italian)  I'm trying to beat level 51 on this STUPID GAME!!!!

Someone asked me if I read books the other day...why yes I would if I never found this stupid game! I am starting to look that dumb that someone needs to ASK me if I read?! JESUS CHRIST! All I can hope is in my sleep Alex deletes this on my phone and iPad. (You really never know when you are going to be bored some where. A gal's gotta have options)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Dinner Ideas....

If anyone is looking for a last minute dinner idea tonight or for next week...

You have to make this, Love and Lemons Chick Pea Nicoise Salad, OH MY GOD is it good!

You have to make this.... about 8 ww points. It's DELISH! I am making a white wine spritzer (WOOOOO HOOOO Friday!) I don't mean to chew and screw but we are going to go see a movie and I have to finish chewing this delicious salad!

Have a fabulous weekend and cook something tasty!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacationville Population 0....

I am back...back from being across the country twice in a week and a half. I am WIPED! Colorado as we all know was family fun and Vegas....Oh dear god....let's just say I lived through it and didn't have to bail my little brother out of jail so I look at that as a complete success.

Vegas - 1
Beth being 32 - 0

(waiting to check in...big sister decided we needed booze)

(Day drinking at 32...YIKES!)

(We have no other pics or proof that we spent $200 to sit in a bar completely made out of ice in the desert other than this one because after spending $200 to go in the bar and drink cocktails (very very bad strong cocktails) out of cups made from ice we didn't want to spring the extra $30 bucks for the souvenir photos!) **the real gem in this nugget of a story is that EVERYONE in the ice bar was from New England....we all live in an arctic tundra 100 days out of the year...need I say more

Oi Oi Oi!!!!

Why stop now....

(DELISH! Is what that is about 1000 weight watchers points)

(Night clubs, Fabulous New Australian Friends and Bars made out of Chandlers!)

(Get me the hell out of this city is what that face says!)

 Like I was saying...

Vegas has yet again proved to me that I am too old for this shit! Now that I am back to the cold hard reality of my life not being an all star jet setter I will post something with more validity than vegas photo's some time this week. PROMISE!