Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hello My Name is Beth and I am addicted to Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

I don't know how many points are in jelly belly jelly beans but they are worth EVERY SINGLE ONE! I looked on the ww website and it said "1 package is 3 points" let's define package it one at the jelly belly outlet store because that is the size of a small car or is it one in the grocery store (which is a rip off for 4 bucks) because I can finish that in a sitting while watching The Mob Wives (HAS ANYONE SEEN THIS TRAIN WRECK!!!!??? Oh my god! Need I say more!!!)....Needless to say I never knew I had this addiction until this past weekend when my mother, aka the Easter Bunny, brought me the jelly belly's in my "easter bowl" because the items I get no longer fit into a basket....

Now before you get jealous here let me give you an idea of what the "easter bunny" brought me this year.....please see list below

- Jelly Belly Jelly Bean (GONE)
- New Flip Flops for the Gym shower (using them but completely made out of plastic and very slippery when wet. It makes the floor like an ice skating rink)
- An In Style Magazine (will read)
- 3 small mini bags of M&M's (GONE)
- A jar of Pickled Beets (Yes you are reading that right...and yes they are still on the counter)
- 2 small Milkway Eggs (GONE)
- A bag of Quaker Rice Cakes (Popcorn Flavored and still yet to be opened)
- A box of Jolly Time 1 point WW Popcorn (Opened and snacking on as we speak at work)
- A Jar of Low Fat Dressing (That she TOOK OUT OF the Easter bowl just in case the place we ate lunch at on Saturday did not have low fat dressing....she figured we can bring in our own.) ha ha ha ha

Alex also got a Easter bowl...he had all the chocolate including those horrible marshmallow bunnies (The peeps...most likely one of the only things made out of sugar I am not a huge fan of...still ate two while making dinner last night just to make sure) I ate two of his caramel cadbury eggs (SOOOO good) and one of his Milk Way Eggs....On Monday I made him take EVERYTHING to work so there was no way I could touch any of it.

As you can see I am not going to loose any weight on the WW this week because of the beans and my no self control with food. I just wanted to let all of you out there who are on a diet...fighting the good fight....or doing god knows what else in order to wear a wedding dress, bathing suit  or just not sweat while typing at work. I wanted to let you know that you are not alone....Stay tuned for more to come!

Stay strong my Skinny Mini's! We can do this!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am back bitches!!!!!!!

Hello, hello, hello!!! It has been waaaaay too long my friends! I hope you are all doing well!!! A few things we need to catch up on that have happened over the past few months and no none of them involve babies or big diamond rings so don't ask. :)

I am on a personal conquest to loose all of the weight I put on from 2003 till now. That is about 30lbs...this started at the end of December and so far I am down about 11 lbs so far. Slow and steady is going to win this race my friends and the only reason I am telling you this is because it will help you understand my adventure this past Friday....I have not drank much in the past few years and really am watching what I am eating but every once in awhile I get a little "too excited" about going out....

I have been looking forward to this day for the past two months. The Old 97's are coming to BOSTON! They are one of my favorite bands and I haven never had a chance to see's how the night went below....

5:00pm - Running out of work to head for the T to meet Alex at Masa in the South End for drinks and apps before the show.

5:15pm - On Train and some how, as luck would have it, Alex and I manage to time it and end up on the same train...ahhhhh so cute......yeah I know

5:30pm - Sitting at the bar at Masa, perfect timing before the after work crowd gets there. First margarita in hand which is about 10 weight watchers points! Oh well! Life is good.

5:40pm - Snacking on tasty tapas and apps...eyes too big for tummy...One more round of cocktails before going to show! YAY!!!! It's been a rough week at work, not really but any excuse to act like I am 22 again sign me up. Plus the first one tasted so good... I will switch over to soda water later.

6:15pm - Walking towards show. Doors opened at 5:30 and show was going to start early. I am buzzed and started laughing at a fat pigeon....I am a cheap date (well not really because of the places we end up going but two drinks and I am done).....

6:18pm - Alex needed to make a pit stop at the ATM to pick up cash for drinks at the show...I am making fun of him for no reason at all...uh oh....I am buzzed

6:25pm - Walking into the show...tried to make a funny joke to the door guy. I laughed and he just stood there like one of the guys with funny hats in London with no expression on his face. Walk up to the bar and get a Makers and Soda two limes (And so it begins)

6:45pm - Make my way upstairs and find a couch to sit on...girls bag and coat are on couch I move them, she gives me a dirty look. You snooze you loose honey! Lame first act is still on and is putting me to sleep...might as well have another cocktail before I get into a fist fight with the girl with the ugly not really but the bag was ugly. Yes on the cocktail I am close to the point of being past "warm and fuzzy" inside. Might as well throw a little Diet Coke in there to keep me awake...haven't had that in about three years! Makers and Diet it is!

7:05pm - Nice couple standing next to me looks fun to talk to and I think I am fun so they should get to know me! I have NO idea what I said to strike up the conversation but from what Alex says I just went over and started talking to them like we went to high school together.

7:20pm - Nice couple wants to buy me a cocktail! SURE! Why the hell not! We are all bonding! Turns out they are lawyers, not the kind on Law and Order (which was my ONLY reference I had at the time) but and this is where things start to get real fuzzy....corporate lawyers maybe....again not sure. But to the bar we go!!!

7:22pm - The hugging of random strangers begins! Alex just shakes his head behind me....Love my new best friends!!!! What are their names again.....One begins with a J and the other one begins with a K I think...

7:35pm - My band comes on, FINALLY, and I basically loose any and all self awareness at this point...TIME FOR ANOTHER COCKTAIL!!!! Have you lost count? I can't see straight anymore but I run into the balcony and start screaming the words almost louder than Rhett on stage...Oh life is sooo good!

Not sure what time pm - Singing at the top of my lugs for two hours (check), band played all my favorite songs (check), had two more cocktails, so I was told at a later date, (check), walking out of the club to head home (check)

10:00pm - Outside of the club I see two new best friends! From here on in is where Alex had to fill me in the next day because I don't remember ANYTHING, grabbed both of them by my arms and shouted out loud, "One more cocktail!!!!! Let's go guys!"

10:15pm - W Hotel, Market - Jean Georges - "Woooooooooooooo we're half way there....wooooo hoooooo living on a prayer" Nope it wasn't playing but I was singing in it! Random out burst of singing (check). I guess when the waitress handed me the drink menu I gave it to my new bestie and said I'll have whatever she's having....Oh the shame

10:17pm - Realize I stuck my arm in the running water fountain behind me...opsie....

10:25pm - (This I truly don't remember at all) Make a hand gesture and dumb half a glass of pinot noir on new bestie's white jeans....Oh this is not winning...I guess I followed it up with an "Opsie" and a "Oh I am sorry" Even black out drunk I still manage to have good manners. Making mom proud since 1998. :)

10:35pm - Pizza comes...we ordered pizza? Yay! They have pizza here yay! The waitress goes, "Would you like another round" Me, "Yes of pizza's please!" This is winning!

10:50pm - Second round of pizza comes out! Yay!!!! Burned the roof of my mouth I was so excited!

11:10pm - Truly can not see a thing and grab my bag...look at what I think is Alex and say, "Yep". He must have known it was time and thank god it was him...

Next thing I remember is playing with the car windows in the passenger side of my car. Alex driving down the freeway (stone sober and laughing at me) and I am hanging my head out of the window like a Great Dane. "Take my handdddd and we'll make it I swearrrrrrrrr oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh half way...ohhhhhh" More loud off key singing and slurring of words (check)

The following is what I saw when I woke up the next day.....

I open my eyes at 9 am....the room is still spinning a little bit...I see a VERY large glass of water next to my bed (awwww Alex is so sweet) and a trash can. (Turns out my list of demands from the bed when we got home were as follows, a very large glass of water, pizza (oh I know) and the small yellow trash can...I have no idea if or where the pizza was) He is so sweet though to have done it. First thing I realize is I have no pants on. Where are my pants? (A valid question I think) When I get the courage to get out of bed I see the trail of clothing from the front door and all the way down to the bedroom....ahhhh pants found! (The next day I found the pair of earrings I wore that night underneath the bed, didn't know those were even missing)

I go to grab my cell phone and sure enough there is a text message from a number I don't know...Oh it's new besties from last night!!! I GAVE THEM MY PHONE NUMBER!!!! Turns out I was handing out business cards like hot cakes as well! And when we left the bar with them I was hugging them over and over again saying we needed to do this again real soon!  I am ABSOLUTELY hanging my head in shame!

Let's just say this good time didn't wear off until 6pm on Saturday night! ha ha ha ha

Just had to share my story! More to come!!!! Beth is back!