Sunday, January 19, 2014

Second Bulu Box Review and a New Fun Fact about Yours Truly...

Hi Again Friends.....Only 2 more months to go with the reviews. :) The January Boxes! Bulu has two different types of boxes. One that is focused on supplements and general fitness and one that is more focused on weight loss. For three months I am receiving both to review them for all of you.

To be honest this month I am not super jazzed about either box. Each box costs about $10 per month and in both boxes this month it was all small samples. I think they should include at least one deluxe item but neither box did. 

Both boxes had nice information cards and coupons for full size products on their site. 

By far the highlight for me was more smarty pants vitamin gummies and some new "sleepy time" tea from a company called HELPS. But to me this isn't worth $10.

The box I got for December though I felt was WELL worth $10. It came with a full sized bottle of Vitamins (A Brand that Dr Oz loves...if Dr Oz loves it then you know it has to be good. Thanks Oprah)  which I found online for $40. But the few samples. The full sized item was totally worth it but again I don't know if this was a fluke or if they do this every other month? 

Either way I still like the idea of this monthly box but again I would like to see more full size or deluxe sample items. What I do like about this site is that once you get your box you have the option to go online and review each item. They give you 10 points (equal to $1) for each item you review. Every month they let you review at least 5 items which you can then use the points to pay for boxes or items on their site. So really it means each box is only $5 per month. 

And of course here's a coupon code (just copy the code and click on it to send you to the site) for 50% off your first box or first subscription (3, 6 or 12 months), BULUGAN880.

But onto the fun stuff in my life...besides my online shopping addiction. Alex and I have been making an effort to do things that a. don't cost a lot of money and b. don't involve JUST going out to eat (please read I DRAG Alex to activities over the weekend that he would NEVER want to do even with a gun to his head) This weekend's adventure took us to the ICA in Boston. Our library has an AWESOME pass program and one of the places they give discounted passes to is the ICA. So for $12, $2 spent on parking and $10 for the two tickets... (found a metered parking spot in the Seaport District because IT WAS DUMPING SNOW and no one in the right mind was out and about on Saturday...thanks weather people in Boston for "guessing" it was only going to be a coating when in fact the snow flakes were the size of dinner plates and coming down fast and furious for three solid hours) 

There was only one wing open in the museum. They are installing a new exhibit so because of that we got free tickets to come back. SCORE. 

We spent about 30 mins wandering around the exhibits on the 4th floor and here's what I learned. I have NO CLUE what abstract art is. Who puts two old chairs on a wall and calls it art?! Not this guy. Who video tapes themselves licking up what looks like watered down strawberry jam on plexiglass?! Again, nope not me. When we walked by the video I yelped slightly out loud in disgust and the security guard goes, "Oh god I know! This part turns my stomach" *THANK GOD I AM NOT ALONE HERE PEOPLE!

I knew it was time to leave (about 20 mins into my enlightenment) when a group of about 10 hipster 25 year olds with goodwill looking outfits (that I am SURE cost WAY more than they look) and all wearing large geeky glasses walked in. The ring leader (the most homeless looking one of the bunch) goes, "Oh my god it's here! (as he points to the chairs) The GENIUS, (...I can't remember the artists name who did the hanging wall chairs) actually has their work HERE!" Annnnnnd that my cue to leave!!!

As we were about head out I saw the gift shop. I love the gift shop at the MOMA in NYC, It's not as pompous as it sounds.... look at their online stuff people, so I thought this has got be along the same lines. We walk up and down the small aisles. Saw a few things I thought were pretty cool. Then as we were leaving I saw they had some jewelry done by famous designers (not a clue who anyone was....the only famous designer I know is Tiffany and I don't see any little blue boxes here). 

I was looking at a few items and saw a pair of earrings I liked made out of gold and gemstones. The very nice lady behind the counter took them out, told me the price (a couple hundred bucks) and tried explaining to me why they were so special. I liked them because they had pretty yellow gemstones and happen to match my outfit. She was saying how the designer basically went to Mars and back to make these and is blind with no hands...blah blah blah...(no not really) Then she told me they were 45% off. REALLY?! 

Ok here's a good fun fact about me...There is NOTHING I mean NOTHING more I LOVE in life then getting a good deal on high end crap. Even if I don't need it or want it that badly. If a good deal was to be had well then SIGN ME UP! Without even spending another second thinking about it I bought them! UH?! What just happened here?!?! There goes our cheap trip to the museum! 

Alex goes, "Just because you got a flu shot does not mean you need to buy yourself a little pick me up!" (I am deathly afraid of needles so a flu shot is a big deal for this guy, i.e. ME) He knows me so well....It was almost like a "push present" for myself. ha ha ha

Next month we are going to the Aquarium on the cheap with the same passes. I swear to god if I come home with a penguin I think Alex is going to kill me. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Update on First Bulu Box....

So I know you are all just sitting at home on the edge of your couch waiting for me to come clean with what I really thought about the products in the Bulu box after trying them out! I bet some of you even lost sleep wondering about this....well wait no longer people!!! Strap on your seat belt and AWAY WE GO!

The, "Flap JACKED" pancake mix tasted like pure protein powder. There is not enough syrup, butter and tasty fruit compote in this world to cover up this nasty disaster. This was not the highlight of the food I scarfed down over the weekend. I would not buy this nor recommend it to ANYONE, I wouldn't feed this to a pet or starving child in China.

Nasal Health, not a clue if this works. Just took one packet....I am guessing it's going to take awhile for this to "kick in" and with only a few free samples I doubt I will ever be able to tell and don't feel like investing in this one to find out.

Slimming Smoothie Protein Packs, LOVED THIS! Love love loved this. Loved this so much I actually bought a very large tub of it from the site. I tried the Chocolate from the box and it was sweet but good. I mixed it with Almond milk and a frozen banana. With the Vanilla (the large tub I just purchased) I decided to water it down a little with Almond Milk, Ice Cubes, Frozen Banana and Dash of H2O. IT IS DELISH! It tastes like really good cake batter. I made one as a mid day snack today and it's taking every ounce of me not to drink it now. I would 100% recommend this to anyone.

The Smarty Pants Gummies are tasty but expensive. If you are ok with swallowing vitamins the old fashion way I would just do that. I don't think they are worth the price tag.

So all in all I think it was an ok box. I am looking forward to the next one which I am guessing should be coming any day now.

Again if you want to try this out, use this coupon code (just copy the code and click on it to send you to the site) for 50% off your first box or first subscription (3, 6 or 12 months), BULUGAN880.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

My newest obessesion.....fruit.....

There aren't many things that can get me excited like a new local market. Lately I have been OBSESSED with exotic fruit. Living in New England in the dead of winter it's hard to find anything beyond apples, flavorless berries and cheap grapes. I have been on the hunt for Cherimoya, Mangosteen, Limonstello and Bread Fruit. So there is no other place in the Boston Area to find such things other than..... Russo's in Watertown.

This market has been here for decades but I have never made time to adventure down there. It's been on wish list though. Hands down this is one of the best fruit and vegetable markets in the Boston Area for unique and interesting items. It's perpetually summer in here with wide variety...sun chokes people...sun chokes.... (*here's where I get REALLY geeky with food)

It was an anxiety induced mad house in there (controlled chaos) so the next time we go it will be on an "off time" because it was more of mad dash to get in and get out as soon as possible then it was to leisurely walk around but still a VERY successful trip. 

We scored the elusive Cherimoya (it's the texture of custard but the flavor of apple, pear and pineapple. If you scoop out the insides and put it in the freezer it tastes like a fruity ice cream), Guava, prickly pear (this isn't too hard to find but wanted to get one because it was so cheap and I was on some sort of exotic fruit high), very SWEET italian grapes (I forget the name), Pineapple Quince (no idea, need to google this more), some meyer lemons and an Oroblanco (sort of like a sweeter white grape fruit). Hands down the most expensive thing was the Cherimoya but all told only $20 for everything. I am in love with it all. 

My goal this week was to try a new fruit or vegetable and people...mission accomplished!!!! Beyond accomplished. 

And to top it off....I learned how to make REALLY good Korean Bibimbap. 


The key is finding those stone korean hot pots, season them with sesame oil and get them SMOKIN hot. 

 I normally wouldn't gloat about these kinds of things but it was three weeks in the making so any one who wants to come to our little love shack I would be HAPPY to bless you with the new gift I have that is making Bibimbap! Plus after spending $50 on these pots I want to get some use out of them!!!

How was your weekends?? Tell me all! That's all that's going on in my little life. I am off to watch Alex eat two boxes of girl scout cookies (he bought them last night WHILE WE WERE LEAVING A BAR....sneaking girl scouts...Very sneaky!) And when I dare question him about this purchase he goes, "We are giving back to the community!" UH?! So now I am watching the cookie crumbs fly and about to judge celebrities on the red carpet from the comforts of our house in my pjs! Happy Sunday Peeps!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year and a New Subscription Box.....

Hello Friends...I am your Vitameatavegamin Girl! Are you tired, run-down, listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular? The answer to all of your problems is in this little bottle. Vitameatvegamin. Yes, Vitameatvegamin contains Vitamins, Meat, Vegetables and Minerals. Yes, with Vitameatavegamin, you can spoon your way to health. All you do is a take a great big tablespoonful after every meal. Mmmmmmmm......It's so tasty too! Taste just like candy! So why don't you join all of the thousands of happy peppy people and get a greta big bottle of Vitameatavegamin tomorrow! That's Vita-meata-vegamin! (wink) *I LOVE, I love Lucy!!

So yet again I am trying out a new subscription box. This time though they contacted me to review their box for three months and blog to you folks about it. It's called Bulu Box. It's a health food, weight loss and general health box.

Every month they send you either the "weight loss box" or the "regular bulu box" which is still healthy themed but not necessarily just about weight loss. My first box wasn't a typical monthly box but one for me to review and share with all of you.

The box was nicely packaged and came with a card which described everything in the box, how much a full size version of each product would cost and how many servings are in the full size version. (so you can get your money's worth)

This box had a few things that I actually was excited to try...

- The smarty pants gummies, I have actually had before, It's the adult gummy vitamins. They taste great and give you a whole array of fabulous vitamins, minerals and oils. I don't think I would buy a full size bottle of these because I don't mind taking vitamins but for someone who did this is a great option because they are a multi vitamin that also has Omega 3's and Vitamin D. 

- Rootology Nasal Health, I received two samples of this which couldn't have come at a better time. I am on the tail end of a nasty cold and plan on taking these right away to see if I can get some extra relief. It's suppose to help with seasonal allergies too which I get pretty bad so again if it helps and it's cheaper than an allergy pill why not give it a shot. It's all natural herbs and vitamins to help combat my sneezing, sniffles and everything else...I am in!

- Slimming Smoothie in Chocolate Truffle - 110 Calories, GMO free, No Gluten and made with works out to being about 2 WW points per smoothie and has 26 grams of GMO free soy protein. I have NO clue how this could taste but if it taste good and keeps me full throughout the morning it would be a total keeper for breakfast or afternoon snacks! I will keep you posted on this.

There was also a protein pancake mix which makes about 8 pancakes in the box. I am not a huge fan of pancakes but Alex is so we might try this out next weekend in the morning. It's not super low cal but I like that it's GMO free and has Quinoa flour to help increase the protein in the pancake. I will keep you posted on how these puppies taste. 

The last thing in the box was some kind of chocolate gummy vitamin was NASTY...I chewed it for about 10 seconds and spit it out. Not worth my time or taste buds. 

Anyway everything in the box was only samples but sometimes I would rather get a sample to see if I like the product first then a full size version. Either way I am not disappointed in this box and excited to see what the January boxes are! 

If you want to join me in this adventure here's a coupon code (just copy the code and click on it to send you to the site) for 50% off your first box or first subscription (3, 6 or 12 months), BULUGAN880.. Let me know what you think!!!! More reviews to come! (wink)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow...Snow...Snow and more Snow

Why did I leave San Diego again?!?! It's 3 degrees outside and still snowing. I am FINALLY feeling better. Still taking dayquil (which makes me feel woozy all day long) but I don't have tissues permanently shoved up my nose so I look at that as a true improvement. I have some serious cabin fever right now. I am debating in a few hours to go to the local Marshalls to just get out of the house and walk around some place.

Last night when Alex finally got home from work I literally bombarded him with words. I am a people person...I NEED to talk all day long. Since I was so isolated because of this god damn snow storm he was the first person I had spoken to all day long. Poor Alex.

Since we both knew we weren't going any where last night we decided to make the most of it and break out a game that two people could play....Hello JENGA!

We had some serious rounds of Jenga and then decided to go back to Son's of Anarchy. We are at the end of season 4 and it's getting REALLY good. Alex wants to get a HOG and join a bike gang. I am going to draw the line if he starts calling me his "old lady". 

In other news Alex made some REALLY good low cal chocolate chip cookies on New Years Day. Yesterday I was home making lunch and saw the two tuppies filled with cookies. I said to myself, "Self...don't eat a cookie before can have one after lunch...don't do it..." 

I didn't listen to myself and reached right in, grabbed a cookie, took a bite and then guilt took over so I put it back. I said I would finish the cookie after lunch. Well I am not going to lie to you the 6 year old in me took over and I did eat two cookies after lunch but I decided to take two NEW cookies for a snack after lunch rather than the one I bit BECAUSE I wanted two of the bigger cookies. Holy shit I have issues. 

Alex finishes dinner and goes for two cookies,

 he goes, "Honey..." 

Me "Yes dear?"

A "Why is there a bite taken out of a cookie here?"

Me "Oh....ummmmm....ahhhhhhhh.......welllllllll" 

A (cuts me off from digging my own grave on this one) "I see" 

He walks over to the living room (which happens to be our kitchen and dining room space too (oh condo living) with a couple of cookies. I look at his cookies and say, "Oh did you take the cookie?" Alex says, "No, I left that for you".....

I have decided to eat around this cookie until it is the last one left. God I need to get out of this house!!!!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Saying Good Bye to 2013 and Hello to 2014!

Well here we are all again....about to say good bye to another year together and hello to a fresh start and new promises to one another whatever those may be. Some of you may or may not know this about me but I ALWAYS make a list at the beginning of the year of things I would like to accomplish through the year but that's not what this post is about.

I am sick...I am sick with a bad cold sick that Alex has kindly given me. Not that I blame him at all here people. I 100% saw this coming last week but there is not many worse things I can think of then to have a week off from work and happen to be sick the whole time. The only good thing is now I have an excuse to lay around, watch as much tv as I can, online shop and nap on and off all day long. Really when you put it like that it doesn't sound all that bad.

Last night to ring in the new year I made us some veggie was AMAZING! I have no idea why I don't do this more often.

 I called Alex on his way home and said, "What do you feel like for dinner"

A "Ummmm...oh I don't care. Whatever."

Me "Are you sure? There is nothing you want?"

A "Nope."

So veggie pho it is! He walked in and when I told him what we were having it was like someone ran over his puppy. And then when I said the leftovers were for lunch the next day it was like the same person backed right over said puppy again. He ate it and then chased this healthy meal with a captain and diet coke with a large bowl of chocolate.

We did the count down till 8pm....

said cheers with some sparkling apple cider and both asleep by 9:30pm. Honestly as much as I would have loved to gone out and see some great friends it was almost a blessing in disuguise to have me sick so we could have an excuse to stay home and do nothing together. I always feel like New Years Eve (among many holidays) puts such pressure people to go out and live like there's no tomorrow. After bartending for 12 years I saw too many people trying to accomplish this and decided that I didn't need to be that person. I would rather chew broken glass then pay a cover for a bar that you would normally walk in, get a seat and drink without a problem or it costing $65 for the fun memory of having some puke on you.

Enough of that so this morning we woke up to the heat in our house being broken. SO SAD! Tomorrow we are suppose to get about a foot of snow here in the Boston area and we are without heat. The high on Friday....15. YEP 15! Oh people it's time to get cozy! We called the heating guy (we got a guy!) and they are going to try and come by tomorrow which I am sure will cost a pretty penny but for now we are bundling up and I told Alex to bake something in the oven, HOPING that will add some extra heat into the mix.

Don't feel too bad for us. I usually keep our house heated to 70 or 71 in the winter. If I can't live in San Diego god dammit my house will feel like. Right now it's a ripe 65 and I am bundled up on the couch. I am about to put on another sweater shirt, thicker socks and another blanket. Alex is loving it. He's trying to make the perfect bloody mary and watching hockey on tv. Oh man!

Well much more to come about our holidays but for now I bid you all a very happy new years and cheers to a fabulous year ahead!