Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Because it's funny....

I wanted to share this with the rest of you...

So the other day, Sunday, I was making breakfast and was cutting up a pepper to toss in this scramble I was making. So after I cut the peppers I was cleaning up and touched my face. All of the sudden EVERYTHING started burning...my hands, my cheek...I  must have accidentally touched the inside of my nose at some point and that was the end of it. The inside of my nose would not stop burning! I had to stick my nose in a glass of milk to make it stop burning. My eyes were watering so bad for no joke about five minutes straight.

No one (we had some friends up for the weekend) was paying attention to me in the kitchen while I was cooking and all of the sudden my buddy looks over at me, tears are now streaming down my face and I have a paper towel soaked in milk shoved up my nose, and he goes, "Holy shit! Are you ok?!?"

Needless to say it stopped burning and thank god I didn't touch anything else but lesson learned!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sometimes I surprise myself....

Last week I truly hit a new, I am not going to call it a "low" but more a new level of crazy. About two weeks ago my mom started her quest/obsession for the "perfect" fall boot. A few emails, nordstrom's and zappo's links later she had made her decision. I have to say her and Gwyneth Paltrow (she was wearing the same ones in a vogue ad) will look very fashionable this fall. So of course I wasn't too far behind in my own personal quest. "Enjoying my staycation", please see not working at this current moment in time, was not going to hold me back from maxing out a credit card in order to look extremely fashionable as well this fall.

This brings me to this time last week. My little brother was working on my couch and every time I spoke he would try to ignore me in hopes of getting some work done. After two episodes of Law and Order later my mind was wandering and I began to hunt the internet for the perfect boot. Oh Zappo's VIP....how I love thee!!!! Let me count the ways...Free Over Night Shipping (check!), Free Speedy Returns (check!) and of course refunding my credit card within four days of me sending the return (check!!!!). AMAZING! I found two pairs of very cute boots on Zappos. One was this really pretty Frye boot on deep deep discount. Soft beaten light brown leather, over the knee and about 60% off. There was only one pair left in my size so I figured why the hell not! Plus OVER NIGHT SHIPPING!!!! So if they don't work back they go!

Andy (my little brother) and I were driving up to NH the next day to see some family and I knew we were leaving early. I didn't want to leave the boots at home because I need instant gratification AND Alex might be like "Where the hell did she get the money to buy two VERY large pairs of boots from Zappo's after not having a job for two months". This is a very valid question and I gotta say he wouldn't necessarily be mad more just curious. I was PRAYING Andy would sleep in a little bit. He was doing back flips out of bed by nine and ready to hit the road by nine thirty! I kept running to the front window every ten minutes looking for the UPS man ( I mean, person, I don't want to discriminate here) while he was getting ready. Finally I knew I couldn't stall this any longer.

We get out to my car and as I am pulling out of the drive way what flies on by in front of us? A UPS truck! It stops two blocks over and without even thinking I start driving towards the truck. Andy looks at me and says, "Are you really going to do what I think you are going to do?" I just give him a knowing glance and that was enough for him to start laughing.

I pull in back of the truck and walk up to front. The driver was in the back getting some boxes together and had the radio blasting hits from 70's.

UPS Guy singing, "She's a brick....HOUSE!! She's mighty, mighty...just lettin all hang out!"
I didn't want to scare the shit out of this guy so I started singing a long with him to let him know I was friendly. He just sang louder and over me...

Me "Hi UPS guy! Can I ask you a quick question?"
Super nice UPS guy "Of course"
Me "Do you happen to deliver to 200 Water St?"
UPS Guy "I do! What's your name"

Next thing you know I am running back to the car with a MASSIVE box from Zappo's in my arms and throw it in the back seat. My brother is dying laughing and of course took the picture below!

And yes both pairs went right back that same day. ha ha ha