Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Because it's funny....

I wanted to share this with the rest of you...

So the other day, Sunday, I was making breakfast and was cutting up a pepper to toss in this scramble I was making. So after I cut the peppers I was cleaning up and touched my face. All of the sudden EVERYTHING started burning...my hands, my cheek...I  must have accidentally touched the inside of my nose at some point and that was the end of it. The inside of my nose would not stop burning! I had to stick my nose in a glass of milk to make it stop burning. My eyes were watering so bad for no joke about five minutes straight.

No one (we had some friends up for the weekend) was paying attention to me in the kitchen while I was cooking and all of the sudden my buddy looks over at me, tears are now streaming down my face and I have a paper towel soaked in milk shoved up my nose, and he goes, "Holy shit! Are you ok?!?"

Needless to say it stopped burning and thank god I didn't touch anything else but lesson learned!!!!

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