Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I have to tell the truth....

As all of you as my witness I have fallen so far of the ww (weight watchers) wagon and hit every bump in the road...*which I do believe mine bumps are made out of chocolate, take out thai food, red wine and the occasionally glasses of whiskey* (and by occasionally I mean every weekend) That not only have I managed to gain back the 13 lbs I lost but I did it in record time.

My acceptance speech would go something like this... I would like to thank the food network for putting skinny people on your tv shows while explaining how yummy there favorite thing to eat in the world is which is my guess about 10,000 calories of fun and god knows if they eat it and look like they do maybe if I eat a lasagna sandwich (yes it is a real thing) I would look like them too! I would also like to thank my best friend called boredom and being on vacation all summer long....while I know I am an emotional eater I have also discovered in the little crazy thing called life "when left to my own devices alone all day I will eat myself out of house and home one little bite at a time..."

So moral of the story I find comfort in not just comfort foods but any kind of food! The battle of the bulge continues on. But riddle me this....how the hell can you say no to good times out with friends, brand new restaurants that are calling my name and special occasions which all seem to a. revolve around food; b. happen every weekend and c. (most importantly) happen EVERY SINGLE TIME I TELL MYSELF TO GET BACK ON THIS DAMN DIET!

So thus my struggle with the eternal battle of the bulge. On a positive note I didn't throw out a lot of my clothes when I lost the weight so I don't have to buy a new wardrobe again (god that would be depressing) and since my mom now weighs the same as Kate Moss (god that IS depressing but good for you mom) she can pass all of her old double digit sizes to yours truly....

~Much love you tubby friend on the North Shore....sweater season is upon us....

P.s. Note to self bulky sweaters make chubby people look even worse! I am screwed and going to the gym VERY SOON...and by very soon I mean Thursday morning. *fingers crossed


  1. I don't want to undermine you're diet resolve, but hoping to be part of those special occasions sometime soon - miss you!