Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 3 of the WW and Being 32....

While I was in Colorado my FABULOUS soul sista of a cousin was kind enough to do my hair for nothing. She is a master colorist at an Aveda Salon in the Denver area and does incredible work. Not only is she very good with color she is also VERY fast. We were sitting at her kitchen table going over her wedding stuff she was foiling my whole head with chunky rich brown and bright blonde foils. Right now I have this washed out redish brown color in my hair (my own doing....I know she cringed when she saw it) and she added these two beautiful colors in my noggin.

25 minutes later I had a full foil, cut and was processing in her car because I had to catch a super early flight and could easily washed them out in the shower at my aunt's house. How did it come out you ask?!? Amazing! What's the point of this story besides my cousin being a saint?!?

Well since I was 11 I have been dying my hair. At first it was me trying to become a red head because I was OBSESSED with Lucille Ball. Not only did I LOVE Lucy I swore up and down for the first 10 years of my life I was her reincarnated. I found out later in life that she died after I was already born. So without out the window and the early 90's in full swing I found out what "highlights" were...low lights weren't in yet so it was all blonde or nothing! I let my hair get to it's natural color (dark dark brown color) but FILLED it with BRIGHT white thin highlights throughout the whole thing. I have thick hair and it takes FOREVER to have someone go through the whole thing (hours). At 14 not a big deal to have this kind of look....the older I got the funkier the hair got....some days it looked like a skunk. Some times it looked like a licked candy cane with pinks, reds and blondes. Other days it had purple or blue in it. Am I afraid of color? No but after looking back on many pictures maybe I should be.

Back to the point....lately (for the past 5 years) I have kept it pretty low key with color. Just a solid dark brown or red color. When my fabulous cousin suggested some fun chunky high and low panels of color I was/still am....all about it EXCEPT when I went to the bathroom the other day and saw myself in the mirror. It's not my hair, the color or the was my eye catching thin white pieces of hair in my noggin. I thought to myself, "HOLY SHIT I AM GOING GREY!!!!!!" Nope just blonde. Very very pretty white blonde which I tried FOR YEARS with A LOT  of bleach (and hope) to get but what I realized is that when you are in your 30's isn't white blonde but is too close to GREY comfort! Holy shit!

Well friend's 48 hours from right now I will be playing craps or laying on a lazy river in Las Vegas. I am still shocked I am going. What an AMAZING shit show this is going to be. I plan on taking as many pictures as I possibly can because I think that will be the only way we can all remember this trip.

So day 3 of weight watchers was WAY easier than day 1 or 2. Not nearly as hungry and actually felt good. Hell I still have 6 points left I can use tomorrow! Look at me go people! Jennifer Hudson WATCH OUT! There's a new spokes gal in town. 

Snack of the day: Plain Hummus mixed with REALLY spicy salsa and a Joseph's Flaxseed Pita (3 points and VERY filling)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So we meet again.....

Back on the East Coast and almost ready for my next adventure...before I get to that. Where have I been? COLORADO!!!! For the ROSETO FAMILY REUNION!!!! Woooooo Hoooooo!!!!! After a week being high up in the Rockies with 30 other Roseto's, seeing 100's of pictures of myself and eating/drinking/laughing the days away I decided to hop back on the weight watcher's wagon!

It was by far one of the best trips we have taken all year...MANY more pictures to follow. It was one of those trips that we came back from going, "God I wish we could have stayed longer with the family!" They are such a god damn good time.

Yep....I am BACK BABY! Jennifer Hudson watch out sister! My look as good as she short term goal....putting down my fork and taking sips of water in between bites of food.

(it's the newest Skinny Cow ice cream cone...Chocolate Covered Cherry IN A GOD DAMN CHOCOLATE CONE!!!! 4 points)

How did today...better known as Day 2 of the rest of my life go? 40 points that's how AND I was still so hungry after work I thought I was going to die. I am only suppose to have 30. Oppsie!!!! Tomorrow is a new day. A new very tasty day.

Alright back to center people....what's the next adventure?!? Holy good god I am going to Vegas on Sunday for 48 hours of fun! It's me and all of my little brother's friends from Australia and some from New Hampshire. I plan on blogging about it when I get back and by blogging I mean posting MANY incriminating photos of LOTS of people I will "best friends" with by the end of this trip.

I am hoping for 2 things from this trip.....A. winning enough money to buy a small island and never have to "work" again. and B. making sure I live through those 48 hours and still have my liver in tack.

See you on the other side people!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fun Night

I just spent the last hour of my life watching some HORRIBLE singing competition because I was too lazy to get up and get the other remote to change the channel. I am slowly realizing that  A. I will never get that hour back and B. I'm officially never going to be growing up anytime soon.

Alex and I went out to dinner tonight at Red Bones in Davis Sq. aka his happy place...

I was sitting traffic and decided I didn't want to go home and cook dinner. I knew all I had to say was, "Honey want to meet me at Red Bones for dinner" and he would say "YES!!!!" He walked out of his office saying to his co-workers..."I'm about to eat a MASSIVE amount of pork!" It was a meat and grilled veggie bbq palooza of epic portions. 

It's been a hard and stressful week at work which can not be over soon enough....sangria (in a pint glass) and Red Bones did ease this pain but getting on a plane next week to Colorado REALLY will make it all melt away. That and the eating, drinking and sleeping that will be taking place......oooooohhhhh baby!!!! Plus being that high up in elevation, Breckenridge, who the hell needs pot...barely any oxygen, beer and snacks I'll be giddy like a school girl! 

So friend's I leave you with a photo which Alex has titled....BBQ clutch! See you on the other coast! 

P.p.s I give you.....a picture I would like to call...THE END OF EVERY DATE NIGHT!!!!!! Kids, This is what 5 years of dating looks like...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

All Things Fit Bit

Just a quick post tonight, I am wiped from work. The first day back from a 5 day whirlwind weekend is never easy but throw in your office moving and FORGETABOUTIT! Wwwwwwwwwiped!

I am not obsessed with a lot of things in my life right now...

 - Dark Chocolate Mints from Trader Joes (CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THEM!!!!!) They are like very very large tasty junior mints.

 - Radishes from the farmer's market. I don't know why but I have been eating them in almost every meal. Even in some meals that radishes have NO place whatsoever being there. 

 - Our Vitamix....there are no words that describe how much I love this thing. It was worth every penny and I use it every single morning. Even though it does sound like an airplane is taking off in our kitchen every morning around 6:55am and it costs as much as a new dishwasher but god damn nothing blends a smoothie as good as this puppy. 

 - My Fitbit....I fell in love with this thing about two and half years ago and have never looked back. I wear it every single day and when I don't I feel lost. Which brings me to last week, I woke up and put it on to find this had happened! (See below)

Not a happy day in my fitbit world. This is my second fitbit (the first one I accidentally stepped on and completely smashed it!) Before giving my fitbit a viking funeral I decided on a whim to contact the fitbit people to see if there was anything they could do because it looked like the sides had come undone and this time it wasn't my fault. 

Not only did they say they would replace it, they sent me a brand new UPGRADED one for free!!! Woooooo hooooooo!!!!

I absolutely love my new fitbit. Since using my fitbit I have lost ZERO pounds but walked over 2,096 miles (as of today) and took over 4.8 million steps. Why do I wear one? I'm trying to get up and move more. I think if I ate more salads and less of the dark chocolate mints from Trader Joes I would loose some lbs but at least I walk a lot. 

Have a fabulous Tuesday night everyone! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Let the games begin...

Life is just getting in the way of me posting this week....AGAIN! (I think this is going to be the theme of the summer)

I think the best way to describe this past week is by a photo montage hold onto your socks people and here we go!!!!!!

First there was a Red Sox game...we spent the majority of the game walking around the park because after the third inning two VERY large men who closely resembled large walking meat loafs SQUEEZED in next to me in seats built in 1916 when people didn't eat ANY protein shakes or saturated fats...

And then two of my favorite people on earth landed at Logan....that's when this adventure REALLY kicked into high gear!

What do you do on a HOT day in New England??? Pick a beach and walk on it....check, check!

The woods however were a VERY bad idea on a hot day, the misquotes were VERY hungry and we must have tasted EXTRA good. I am covered in bites. Please see Epic Fail. 

What else do you do in New England in the summer?? Why go to Newport and look at FABULOUS houses!!! Great Gatsby here we come!

And then some things were sewed and LOTS of shopping was done!!!

And I have also learned when debating between two hats...why decide when you can get both! Could've been my cousin explaining to me how I couldn't possibly live without either one or the fact that she thinks I look like Audrey Hepburn in the big floppy one but god damnit I had to have both!

We all know how hot it has been here in Boston over the past few days so rather than walk around like two sweaty little meatballs...Coco and I decided to invest in some personal fans to cool us off in the death marches I forced her on around the city. Love you Coconut! :)

Lastly, what sums up an awesome weekend in the country, Milford NH?!? BARN YARD ANIMALS!!!!

Still one more day to go in this long weekend adventure and I am sure more fun will be had but I had to share the adventures so far.