Sunday, September 19, 2010

I feel my chin growing as we speak

This weekend was one of the best we have had in a long time. But that's not why I am writing. I am writing because I know that this week will be filled with, eating TONS of wonderful things, drinking and many many rounds of cake. Is it my birthday you ask??? NO! Next best thing...It's Alex's Birthday week!!! So I get to participate in all of the birthday week action without being a year older. :) Tonight was the kick off...An afternoon of Nascar (he slept for the majority of the race and for anyone who doesn't know him...yes he has all of his teeth.), now football AND Muff/cakes from the Gingerbread Construction Company.

I AM SO FULL!!! I know I utterly these words as often as I am say, "Oh my god, I am so hungry"....

About a half hour ago I was dancing in the kitchen in front of the oven singing those exact words to our turkey meatloaf baking with a brown sugar ketchup glaze. The guest stars to this fabu dish were smashed local sweet potatoes and garlicky lemon haricot verts. YUUUUUUMMMMMMMM!!! I am so full I am going to explode. The encore was a muffin (really it's a cupcake) from the Ginger Bread Construction Company in Wakefield. If you haven't!!!! Worth every calorie. 100%..I promise. AMAZING. Words of advice? Stick to the Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Raspberry or Chocolate Dream. I also love the Lemon Poppy Seed. But don't get an actual muffin. They are like little hockey pukes.

I am going to have to walk every single morning in order to work off a QUARTER of the calories I am about to take in this week....It's going to be so worth it though. I mean when was the last time I had a burger and onion rings. Well... that I think of it...actually about two weeks ago in Stowe. Ummmmm....ok so maybe I should keep a food journal so I every time I go to eat something bad I won't say, "Wow I couldn't tell you the last time I had this." When in reality it was 2 weeks ago. Damnit! I ruined that one for myself.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The adventures of Me vs Bluetooth

So this is how the last 45 minutes went......

Alex - "I think we should set up your blue tooth in your car so you don't hurt someone while driving"

Me - "Ok, You should get the booklet from the glovebox"

Alex - "I don't need a booklet"

5 minutes of pushing buttons later...booklet is out....He did however figure out how to turn the AC on. That was a tough one. (No joke)

Alex - "Ok you need to stop driving to do this."

Me - "Sounds good. I am stopping at Trader Joes right now"

Alex - "For what? You already went to the grocery store twice today."

Me - "You know I forgot the list at home this morning and if you would have picked up the phone when I called the first six times to ask you what else was on the list we wouldn't be stopping." (truth be told we are not fighting about this nor am I mad because I am picking up granola (which was not on the list, only on the list in my head) for some yogurt that I bought at the second grocery store and realized that is it going to expire in the next few days so I need to eat it up! Plain yogurt needs a little pizazz)

Alex - "K....So hit the button on the steering wheel and say PHONEBOOK"

Me - (car beeps) "PHONEBOOK"

Car Lady - "#90...if you would like to add more numbers say continue or say call"


Me - "uh?"

Car Lady - "Calling"


(35 mins, no joke later, of trying over and over again. I am not going to bore you with typing it out but when I finally got past the word "phonebook" which is than followed by "store" and the last step (on this road to not getting in an accident while driving and using my phone, if we ever get there) is to put in the name. Alex thought he'd be REALLY funny by CALLING ME AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!)

BACK TO SQUARE ONE and I ready to kill him!!!!!!

10 mins later of us sitting in the car giggling over and over again because I was starting to get horse from yelling PHONEBOOK and the car saying" 9073217 Calling".

Alex - "Let me try"

Me - "No way in hell!"

Alex - "Phone book"

Car Douch bag Lady - "Why hey there! Sure no problem let me do EVERYTHING YOU SAY!!!!"

That god damn car lady listened to every single number, letter and syllable he said. I COULD HAVE KILLED HIM! So now I just have to remember the voice commands that I set up for the numbers I want it to dial. For example I could say, "My Mommy" or "Mommy" because the car lady who hates me thinks it sounds too much like the number 9?!??!?!?! So I had to say "My mommy who loves me" I might have well been speaking in Spanish.

I need a cupcake!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello Tuesday

First I would like to start off by saying I am in love with the Peppermint Bark from Trader Joes...not a low cal treat but man is it good. This is now coming in a close second to my favorite candy bar to...drum roll please....the Tolberone! A big thank you needs to go to the Swiss for creating this wonderful bite of food. Someone, I have no idea who, got Alex or myself (like it mattered it became mine anyway) a MASSIVE one for Christmas. It was the size of a small, yet delicious, baseball bat. It took me over 2 weeks to eat the whole thing but man it was a glorious two weeks.

So my new job...I know you are all wondering, "how this is going?"'s going and going good I think. My office is like a large fish bowl. We all sit in one large room with cubicles. The owner isn't a huge fan of music so it's VERY quite. No more pandora for this chickie (very sad). It's so quite you can hear people breathe. And I am realizing how much I talk to myself...not just in my head...but out loud. Everyone keeps saying, "Uh?" or "What did you say?" than I realize I was talking to myself out. I will be in mid thought, Wow I could really go for some "grapes right now" and the second part of that sentence comes out of my mouth. Besides my office mates thinking I am captain crazy it's a really good time.

Oh and the food....I can not speak highly enough about the food. My god! Because I have been sitting at my desk a lot for the past week and some change I can feel the lbs creeping on. Not to mention I am well fed. Not just here's an extra cupcake well fed. No no no my friends. They call us every day when lunch is ready and it's not just a little salad or what ever was left from the morning prep. Oh's a full spread of deliciousness.

The only downside I have seen thus far is that there is lunch only when the kitchen is there which is most days but if they aren't there (like yesterday) no lunch! So it's almost like playing Russian roulette with my lunch. I also get food envy so if I bring my lunch and they made something WAY BETTER I no longer want wht I brought but what they have. ha ha ha ha

This is the biggest struggle of my daily life, well at least the only one I will spend time caring about. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sorry for the confusion....

Hello All! Sorry for the confusion but I decided for many reasons to change my blog address. I will write a new, humorous and down right funny blog either later tonight or this weekend when I have a second to breathe but I just wanted to keep all of you fabulous friends in the loop....

Welcome one and all! This show is about to start!!!!! ;)

And p.s. Wine tastes even better with a job!