Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When it rains it pours....

This post has now taken me 4 times and figured tonight I needed to sit down and just finished the damn was about how lovely my weekend (2 WEEKENDS AGO?!) when this shit storm rolled in this morning....well more like yet another snow storm. I am, like every one else here in New England, DONE with this winter.

The past few weeks I have been in a shit mood on and off, tired, had trouble sleeping and slowly picking fights with Alex. I would like to blame it on a mix of the "winter blues" and pure boredom.
I was driving home tonight with the roads still covered in snow and decided to make a change. I took Alex and I on a culinary adventure tonight and I made the most AWESOME vegan New England "Clam" Chowder. I mean AWESOME! Alex totally agreed with me that there was no way either one of us could tell that this wasn't the real deal.

The recipe is from the "Isa Does It!" Cookbook. It's the first thing we've made from the cookbook and  can't wait to try the "pizza bowl" later this week. Please note I did not eat my feelings here but I love when I surprise myself in the kitchen. 

The only changing I made to the recipe was adding fresh thyme, bay leaves, 2 cloves of chopped garlic, no lemon juice and used only 1/2 the tomato paste. SO GOOD! I can't wait for lunch tomorrow good. 

Tomorrow I plan on working out in the morning, wearing a bright yellow sweater, bringing out some jazz hands and trying to turn this crap funk I am in around before I fling myself off the Mass Ave Bridge. Sunshine, Rainbows and Puppy Dogs oh my! 

KNITTING UPDATE: (if you could care less about knitting this is when you should tune me out)

As some of you may or may not know....I LOVE to knit. My fabulous mother....

(the one on the left....the one on the right is my older sister misplaced at you too doll!) 

 taught me a few years ago and I have become, a self proclaimed, idiot savant of all things knitting. I don't know why I get it but I do. In my head it makes sense. Plus while I am knitting I do not snack in fear of dropping a stitch or ruining the yarn so it's a great thing to do while I am watching tv so I don't turn into a land whale.

Over the past few years I have done what all new knitters learn to make scarfs, hats, cowls and then move on to things like socks and other things that might require patterns.

 In 2013 I discovered I a. love working on double point needles (I don't know why and when I say this to other knitters they think I am crazy) and b. love making small animals.

(this was suppose to be a chicken...but turned out to be more like a drunk pigeon) 

...again I could not tell you why.

For a year now I have wanted to make a cardigan but after watching my mother (who is a VERY experienced and amazing knitter) make cardigan after cardigan over the years and seeing the time, money and effort (not to mention the fact that they NEVER fit her right in the end... she makes one in the winter time, looses a bunch of weight and then come fall, when it's actually cold enough to wear it, she is SWIMMING in very expensive yarn) that goes into them I have been put off...until three weeks ago!!!!

Yarn alone can run you any where from $20 - $35 per ball (on average for really nice hand dyed yarn) and for most pattens you need 5 to 7 balls of yarn...Yeah you do that math. There is something so satisfy and addicting almost to make these suckers. Sure you can buy cheap yarn at AC Moore or even at some yarn stores and here's what I figure....if you are going to spend a couple of months making this why wouldn't you spend the money on yarn you just love. Some people might fall in love with $3.00 hanks (balls) of yarn and some people also drink Blue cocktails....I am neither one of those people. I like good bourbon, expensive hand dyed yarn and long walks on the beach...nice to meet you.

Cut to three weeks now and I just can't stop knitting.

I know what you're thinking, "Holy Shit! Where can I get one of these and why does it look so good?!?!"  ha! Well friends I am not taking orders at this time but when I do I will let you know. Really I know what you're thinking...why did I pick yarn that looks like a giant tennis ball. I don't know.... but for some reason I liked it. Did I $154 like it?? You god damn better believe I did! 

Once I am done I will model this fabulous frock for you but until then pray my hands don't fall off. Gods speed knitters....god speed!