Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wise Words

I have like three drafts of posts I've been trying to finish but just can't seem to find the time. Which I guess isn't a bad thing. I truly enjoy being so busy with life I can barely breathe. I don't do well sitting around idol. It's not my MO but some times I forget to stop and smell the roses.

"Wise words"....it's funny even as an "adult", a word I use VERY lightly to describe myself, I still learn new things every day and what's even better is when they come from people you love. My mom is now retired (Yay Mom!) and finding that time is just zipping by. I think that's true for everyone regardless of what's going on or not going on in your life. The older you get the quicker time seems to be slipping through our fingers. She told me that from now on she is going to "Say Yes to EVERYTHING!" I couldn't agree more. It's such a simple concept but can lead to so many things. What's the worse that happens...you don't enjoy the experience?? Well at least you had it. I am someone who lives to tell a good story and sometimes goes out of my way to try things in order to make "the story" that much better. Sometimes I forget to stop trying to direct the story line and just enjoy the moment. (*I'm working on this....trust me)

So with this whole new "Kum Ba Yah...free hugs for all" philosophy on life I decided to say yes to drinks with a friend on a patio in Cambridge yesterday. It was HANDS DOWN one of the nicest days in the Boston area we have had in about a year. It was warm and sunny up until 8pm last night. Like 80's sunny. It was PERFECT! I haven't seen this old friend in about 2 years and he's like the second little brother I didn't know I wanted but now that I have him I couldn't picture my life without him. He's one of the funniest people I have ever met and honestly just a solid dude.

We met at a place in Cambridge called, Charlies Kitchen. It's a divey burger craft beer bar that I could picture in San Diego or the Bay Area. The food is decent, the burgers are REALLY good, the tap list is fine and you can walk out of there spending like $50 for drinks and burgers. They have a nice outdoor beer garden and a small sidewalk style patio for good people watching in Harvard Sq. The crazies were out yesterday, nice weather tends to bring them out, so people watching was at it's prime.

My friend and I were sitting, laughing and catching up. Our waitress asked us if we were ready to order...we decided to split a bunch of stuff or as he said, "Oh yeah I can totally get behind those nachos!" and that's when I realized something. A true measure of a good friend is when you can go out to eat and just share a bunch of crap regardless of what it is. People you aren't close to you would never share food with unless forced like tapas which is basically over priced snacking for dinner. Even if you have a dietary issues I would still share food with you if you're a close friend. I will eat just about anything within reason.

So let's recap here people....lessons learned this week....say yes to everything and if you are good friend of mine we can share food!