Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rocky Mountain High

Now that pot is legal in this fine state (Colorado) three words have never been more true! I haven't smoked pot in years. I NEVER need help being hungry, sleepy and silly all at the same time. The last time I did smoke, about 6 years ago I bought a dime bag (which I found out doesn't cost $10 anymore!!!) from a sound guy at TT's, a dive rock club I worked at, and spent the better half of two hours and a full pack of rolling papers to roll one joint that I believe a blind 7 year old could've done better. I woke up the next day to find myself passed out with one hand in a bag of cheese Doritos and the other with a half eaten Snickers bar. Making mom proud!

I would say that almost every time I have ever smoked pot about two hours in I decide I don't want to be stoned any more and attempt to eat myself sober which NEVER works and it's not like I am trying to eat my body weight in baby carrots here people. It's more like housing a large pizza and enough candy bars to make an 11 year old sick to their stomach.

The reason I tell you this little fun fact is that in 2 days I will be sunny, warm, dry, Denver, Colorado surrounded by my very large, loving and very loud family. I can't think of a better way to spend a week off. If you knew my family you would be VERY jealous right now. Picture about 25 different versions of myself all in one room. Talk about heaven on earth right!?

There is something about spending time with family that leaves you feeling relaxed and like you need a vacation from your vacation all at the same time. I can't wait! Much more to come....

Monday, June 23, 2014

Flipping the Script

Well I have to say I didn't see this one coming. There you are, hopelessly in love thinking this is the person I am going to be spending the rest of my life with and then one day it's over. No, Alex is not dead nor is he sick with some sort of terminal disease. But we have decided to go our separate ways in life though. I have realized it's much easier to break up with someone you hate then it is to walk away from a really good guy.

Why are we calling it quits after 6 years? Because ultimately we want two totally different things with life. I want marriage and kids. He doesn't. There is more to the story then that but that's the basic plot line. The only reason I am writing this right now is to help me. It has nothing to do with
"putting myself out there" or "sharing my experiences with my others like me". No it's for a very plain and simple selfish reason. I need to write. It's a huge part of who I am and how I cope.

Some of you may or may not know this but I have written a few books, nothing is published so no need to run out to your local book store (but still hopeful for the future). The theme of all of them is dating, love, funny crap that happens in my life and heart break. It's easier to write about the times when the pain is at it's worst then when you are laughing till your crying. The reason being is because you forget to take time to write when you are having fun. You are too busy living.

Right now I am on week 2 of this whole new chapter in life and I have to say it's not a walk in the park. BUT I want to take a moment to thank my friends and family who have really stepped up and threw themselves into my life. You have ALL called, texted and hugged me every few hours of last week when I needed it the most and truly made every moment that much easier. The "just thinking about you" texts, extending your guest bedrooms for LONG periods of time and phone calls really do/does make a huge difference. I know saying thank you isn't enough but it's all I can think of at this moment.

The bottom line is I decided to put myself first. And even though I am very sad I am also excited at the same time. Don't be sad for me. Be happy and get ready to share and hear about MANY MANY MANY more exciting adventures to come. So there is no reason to say, "I am so sorry to hear this" be excited for me. I am not dead yet!

P.s. on a totally different note if you live in the Boston area and I have a FABU apartment you would like me to live in and give you $650 a month please let me know. :)