Saturday, September 11, 2010

The adventures of Me vs Bluetooth

So this is how the last 45 minutes went......

Alex - "I think we should set up your blue tooth in your car so you don't hurt someone while driving"

Me - "Ok, You should get the booklet from the glovebox"

Alex - "I don't need a booklet"

5 minutes of pushing buttons later...booklet is out....He did however figure out how to turn the AC on. That was a tough one. (No joke)

Alex - "Ok you need to stop driving to do this."

Me - "Sounds good. I am stopping at Trader Joes right now"

Alex - "For what? You already went to the grocery store twice today."

Me - "You know I forgot the list at home this morning and if you would have picked up the phone when I called the first six times to ask you what else was on the list we wouldn't be stopping." (truth be told we are not fighting about this nor am I mad because I am picking up granola (which was not on the list, only on the list in my head) for some yogurt that I bought at the second grocery store and realized that is it going to expire in the next few days so I need to eat it up! Plain yogurt needs a little pizazz)

Alex - "K....So hit the button on the steering wheel and say PHONEBOOK"

Me - (car beeps) "PHONEBOOK"

Car Lady - "#90...if you would like to add more numbers say continue or say call"


Me - "uh?"

Car Lady - "Calling"


(35 mins, no joke later, of trying over and over again. I am not going to bore you with typing it out but when I finally got past the word "phonebook" which is than followed by "store" and the last step (on this road to not getting in an accident while driving and using my phone, if we ever get there) is to put in the name. Alex thought he'd be REALLY funny by CALLING ME AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!)

BACK TO SQUARE ONE and I ready to kill him!!!!!!

10 mins later of us sitting in the car giggling over and over again because I was starting to get horse from yelling PHONEBOOK and the car saying" 9073217 Calling".

Alex - "Let me try"

Me - "No way in hell!"

Alex - "Phone book"

Car Douch bag Lady - "Why hey there! Sure no problem let me do EVERYTHING YOU SAY!!!!"

That god damn car lady listened to every single number, letter and syllable he said. I COULD HAVE KILLED HIM! So now I just have to remember the voice commands that I set up for the numbers I want it to dial. For example I could say, "My Mommy" or "Mommy" because the car lady who hates me thinks it sounds too much like the number 9?!??!?!?! So I had to say "My mommy who loves me" I might have well been speaking in Spanish.

I need a cupcake!

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