Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fun Night

I just spent the last hour of my life watching some HORRIBLE singing competition because I was too lazy to get up and get the other remote to change the channel. I am slowly realizing that  A. I will never get that hour back and B. I'm officially never going to be growing up anytime soon.

Alex and I went out to dinner tonight at Red Bones in Davis Sq. aka his happy place...

I was sitting traffic and decided I didn't want to go home and cook dinner. I knew all I had to say was, "Honey want to meet me at Red Bones for dinner" and he would say "YES!!!!" He walked out of his office saying to his co-workers..."I'm about to eat a MASSIVE amount of pork!" It was a meat and grilled veggie bbq palooza of epic portions. 

It's been a hard and stressful week at work which can not be over soon enough....sangria (in a pint glass) and Red Bones did ease this pain but getting on a plane next week to Colorado REALLY will make it all melt away. That and the eating, drinking and sleeping that will be taking place......oooooohhhhh baby!!!! Plus being that high up in elevation, Breckenridge, who the hell needs pot...barely any oxygen, beer and snacks I'll be giddy like a school girl! 

So friend's I leave you with a photo which Alex has titled....BBQ clutch! See you on the other coast! 

P.p.s I give you.....a picture I would like to call...THE END OF EVERY DATE NIGHT!!!!!! Kids, This is what 5 years of dating looks like...

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