Sunday, July 7, 2013

Let the games begin...

Life is just getting in the way of me posting this week....AGAIN! (I think this is going to be the theme of the summer)

I think the best way to describe this past week is by a photo montage hold onto your socks people and here we go!!!!!!

First there was a Red Sox game...we spent the majority of the game walking around the park because after the third inning two VERY large men who closely resembled large walking meat loafs SQUEEZED in next to me in seats built in 1916 when people didn't eat ANY protein shakes or saturated fats...

And then two of my favorite people on earth landed at Logan....that's when this adventure REALLY kicked into high gear!

What do you do on a HOT day in New England??? Pick a beach and walk on it....check, check!

The woods however were a VERY bad idea on a hot day, the misquotes were VERY hungry and we must have tasted EXTRA good. I am covered in bites. Please see Epic Fail. 

What else do you do in New England in the summer?? Why go to Newport and look at FABULOUS houses!!! Great Gatsby here we come!

And then some things were sewed and LOTS of shopping was done!!!

And I have also learned when debating between two hats...why decide when you can get both! Could've been my cousin explaining to me how I couldn't possibly live without either one or the fact that she thinks I look like Audrey Hepburn in the big floppy one but god damnit I had to have both!

We all know how hot it has been here in Boston over the past few days so rather than walk around like two sweaty little meatballs...Coco and I decided to invest in some personal fans to cool us off in the death marches I forced her on around the city. Love you Coconut! :)

Lastly, what sums up an awesome weekend in the country, Milford NH?!? BARN YARD ANIMALS!!!!

Still one more day to go in this long weekend adventure and I am sure more fun will be had but I had to share the adventures so far.

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