Tuesday, June 25, 2013


What a blog slacker I've been over the last few weeks. My excuses this week were a surprise and then EXTENDED Kate Spade Online Sample Sale (which takes up HOURS of my time obsessing about what to buy), then spending as much time as humanly possible outside and getting fresh air (as well as starting to turn a nice shade of 'I should wear more sunscreen or I might get skin cancer before I'm 45') and finally 'we' the Roseto side of my family has an AWESOME email thread going with too many of us that reply ALL DAY LONG so it takes awhile to read through them all because they are all so entertaining.

What's been shaking in my world you ask?! THE HEAT!!!! It's hot as hell here in Boston right now. Last year at the very beginning of summer the AC in my car decided to stop participating in my life. I had it checked out by a few different people and it turns out it was going to be VERY expensive to fix so I decided I'd rather sweat some pounds off while sitting in traffic.

Yep it's hot!

So on Sunday, after kayaking, Alex and I headed into the city to meet these three (see below) for cocktails and some sunshine...

On our way into the city we ran into a little bit of traffic. My car said the outside world was a ripe 93 degrees....inside my car was like 110.  HELL is the first word that comes to mind. So I pulled off of 93 and as I was creeping along in stop light city traffic I saw a beacon of shining hope a few blocks up. I asked nicely BEGGED Alex to get out of the car and run to the convenience store for water.

 He goes, "Well why don't you pull over and I'll go in"

Me, "NO!!!! You need to jump out of the car now and go in...by the time I get through the next light
I can meet you on the corner up there....(I am pointing three blocks up at the night set of lights)

The sensible one "I am NOT getting out of the car at this light. With my luck the lights will go too fast and you'll leave me on the corner" (this is a VERY real possibility)

The not so rash one in the car "Well I can't stop the air flow in the car...IT'S ALL WE HAVE!!!! There is no wind and I am melting....meeeeeeeeelllllttttttiiiing. If you love me please get me water...I will NEVER ask for anything from you ever again!!!" (*Hello bold face lie)

I pulled the car over in front of the store because he does make more money than me and he also does make me laugh pretty hard from time to time. So he runs in and come out with and ice cold gatorade for him and this for yours truly....

The bottle jug of water was ICE cold but was called "Happy Valley" water and tasted like wet dirt. Two big sips and I decided I would rather hold it like a giant cold water pillow in my lap than drink this crap. He tried....Failed.... but tried!

Two things I discovered this weekend...Happy Valley water SUCKS and I also hate coconut water. Yep HATE it. I would rather drink Happy Vally water than the coco. I'll leave you with this little gem...

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