Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hellllloooooo Dinner!!!!

Alex just goes (while we are washing dinner dishes together...) "So who do you think is going to win the Voice?"

Me "Uh?!"

Alex "The Voice! You know...the SHOW! Who's going to win" and then proceeds to list off EVERY SINGLE PERSON LEFT (all three) and their LAST NAMES!!!! Uh?! He can't remember what we are doing this weekend but he can remember who is on some reality tv show!? JESUS!

*yes he 100% has an opinion of who he wants to win as well. He's rooting for the "hometown girl" as he put it. Who is this man I live with???

So tonight we made one of the best things we have made in a long time for dinner. I have to give EVERY bit of credit to one of my favorite food blogs, Love and Lemons, (the lay out of this blog I envoy more than you care to know and I ADORE that it's a husband and wife team...keep on keeping you guys! LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!)

The recipe seems a little time consuming to make, it's not, so get that right out of your mind. Did I have to go to 3 different grocery stores to find tomatillo's in the Boston Area?? ABSOLUTELY! If I only called Market Basket the FIRST time I wouldn't have had that issue.

So I give you....Enchilada's with a Roasted Poblano Crema

(I need to get much better at taking these food pictures but HOLY GOOD GOD was this good!!!)

*Just a note...when you read the recipe on their site, roast everything together to save time on a large sheet pan. For 4 portions I doubled the tomatillo salsa, the spinach mushroom filling and left the crema as it which still made A LOT of crema. We have now frozen it to put it on some future nacho's or tacos and since there is no dairy in it at all I think the unfreezing shouldn't been an issue. Lastly we used the flaxseed heart healthy Joseph's tortillas, portioned 2 a piece per meal. The calories were MUCH lower using these since the torts only have about 70 per tortilla. They held up well with the sauce and everything else. I think per portion (2 enchiladas per person)....depending on the tortilla, would be about 250 calories TOTAL. 

It's Vegan (but that doesn't matter) and so so tasty. Both Alex and I said that if we had this in a restaurant not only would we both be beyond happy about our dinner selection (we both get food envy when one orders something better than the other) and we would both order again!

Make the two sauces ahead of time (I made ours on Sunday morning)...it took about 30 minutes (only because of the roasting time) to make and blend both sauces. And tonight we cooked up the filling part, stuffed and baked which took about 45 mins total because of baking time. I am STUFFED and feel great. Make this...make this as soon as possible. 

Now I am finishing a homemade skinny gal rita....

and watching some Law and Order before the big Voice Finale which apparently my better half has been excited for all day.

Such a good end to a rainy Tuesday! xoxo

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