Sunday, June 16, 2013

Getting the Band Back Together and Epic Dinner Fails!

I know most of you are loosing sleep wondering how the Ukulele (finally figured out how to spell it right) Project/Band is coming along. Well I am taking a class next Saturday at 10:15am! That's how!!! I am going to learn how to tune this puppy and some of the other basics. I am 100% beyond excited to have someone teach me (no offense Uku-Lenny) how to use this bad boy because I have now tried playing "Twist and Shout" for a couple of people and they have NO IDEA what I am trying to play. I have had people guess, "Oh is that Happy Birthday!?" or "Ummmmm, play it again".... so either they are tone def or I have NO idea what I am doing with this ukulele. You be the judge!

On to today's latest debacle! I don't think I'm the world's best home cook but after years and years of practice I have fine tuned my kitchen/cooking skills. I usually don't follow recipes exactly which is why I don't bake too much but I rarely end up throwing what I make out because of an epic fail. Well tonight is a new one for the record books...

Tonight I made, hands down, one of the nastiest things I have had in along time for dinner. (If you ever come across this recipe or feel the need to try something new DON'T make
it.... Whole Foods HOW COULD YOU!!!!!) The picture is so deceiving...whole foods how could you steer me wrong?!

Alex powered through eating it but I just had to throw mine out. The red sauce was awesome as always (because it's MY fool proof recipe) but the meatballs...OH GOOD GOD!!!! The worst part was it took 2 hours in a hot kitchen using almost EVERY pot and pan in we own to make these little green and black hockey pucks! I made such a mess of the kitchen and was so upset that I had to go for a long walk and talk to my bestie, Lauren about it. She always says the right thing and totally talked me down from the vegan meatball fail ledge!

So what do we do to turn this meal around?!

Drowned our sorrows with ice cream which 5 bites in I felt so guilty eating it that I plopped it (my entire scoop and cone) on top of Alex's cone when we were at a stop light. It was like the ice cream never happened! :)

It was so much ice cream (it's been 15 minutes) and he's STILL eating it!

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