Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow...Snow...Snow and more Snow

Why did I leave San Diego again?!?! It's 3 degrees outside and still snowing. I am FINALLY feeling better. Still taking dayquil (which makes me feel woozy all day long) but I don't have tissues permanently shoved up my nose so I look at that as a true improvement. I have some serious cabin fever right now. I am debating in a few hours to go to the local Marshalls to just get out of the house and walk around some place.

Last night when Alex finally got home from work I literally bombarded him with words. I am a people person...I NEED to talk all day long. Since I was so isolated because of this god damn snow storm he was the first person I had spoken to all day long. Poor Alex.

Since we both knew we weren't going any where last night we decided to make the most of it and break out a game that two people could play....Hello JENGA!

We had some serious rounds of Jenga and then decided to go back to Son's of Anarchy. We are at the end of season 4 and it's getting REALLY good. Alex wants to get a HOG and join a bike gang. I am going to draw the line if he starts calling me his "old lady". 

In other news Alex made some REALLY good low cal chocolate chip cookies on New Years Day. Yesterday I was home making lunch and saw the two tuppies filled with cookies. I said to myself, "Self...don't eat a cookie before can have one after lunch...don't do it..." 

I didn't listen to myself and reached right in, grabbed a cookie, took a bite and then guilt took over so I put it back. I said I would finish the cookie after lunch. Well I am not going to lie to you the 6 year old in me took over and I did eat two cookies after lunch but I decided to take two NEW cookies for a snack after lunch rather than the one I bit BECAUSE I wanted two of the bigger cookies. Holy shit I have issues. 

Alex finishes dinner and goes for two cookies,

 he goes, "Honey..." 

Me "Yes dear?"

A "Why is there a bite taken out of a cookie here?"

Me "Oh....ummmmm....ahhhhhhhh.......welllllllll" 

A (cuts me off from digging my own grave on this one) "I see" 

He walks over to the living room (which happens to be our kitchen and dining room space too (oh condo living) with a couple of cookies. I look at his cookies and say, "Oh did you take the cookie?" Alex says, "No, I left that for you".....

I have decided to eat around this cookie until it is the last one left. God I need to get out of this house!!!!!!

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