Sunday, January 19, 2014

Second Bulu Box Review and a New Fun Fact about Yours Truly...

Hi Again Friends.....Only 2 more months to go with the reviews. :) The January Boxes! Bulu has two different types of boxes. One that is focused on supplements and general fitness and one that is more focused on weight loss. For three months I am receiving both to review them for all of you.

To be honest this month I am not super jazzed about either box. Each box costs about $10 per month and in both boxes this month it was all small samples. I think they should include at least one deluxe item but neither box did. 

Both boxes had nice information cards and coupons for full size products on their site. 

By far the highlight for me was more smarty pants vitamin gummies and some new "sleepy time" tea from a company called HELPS. But to me this isn't worth $10.

The box I got for December though I felt was WELL worth $10. It came with a full sized bottle of Vitamins (A Brand that Dr Oz loves...if Dr Oz loves it then you know it has to be good. Thanks Oprah)  which I found online for $40. But the few samples. The full sized item was totally worth it but again I don't know if this was a fluke or if they do this every other month? 

Either way I still like the idea of this monthly box but again I would like to see more full size or deluxe sample items. What I do like about this site is that once you get your box you have the option to go online and review each item. They give you 10 points (equal to $1) for each item you review. Every month they let you review at least 5 items which you can then use the points to pay for boxes or items on their site. So really it means each box is only $5 per month. 

And of course here's a coupon code (just copy the code and click on it to send you to the site) for 50% off your first box or first subscription (3, 6 or 12 months), BULUGAN880.

But onto the fun stuff in my life...besides my online shopping addiction. Alex and I have been making an effort to do things that a. don't cost a lot of money and b. don't involve JUST going out to eat (please read I DRAG Alex to activities over the weekend that he would NEVER want to do even with a gun to his head) This weekend's adventure took us to the ICA in Boston. Our library has an AWESOME pass program and one of the places they give discounted passes to is the ICA. So for $12, $2 spent on parking and $10 for the two tickets... (found a metered parking spot in the Seaport District because IT WAS DUMPING SNOW and no one in the right mind was out and about on Saturday...thanks weather people in Boston for "guessing" it was only going to be a coating when in fact the snow flakes were the size of dinner plates and coming down fast and furious for three solid hours) 

There was only one wing open in the museum. They are installing a new exhibit so because of that we got free tickets to come back. SCORE. 

We spent about 30 mins wandering around the exhibits on the 4th floor and here's what I learned. I have NO CLUE what abstract art is. Who puts two old chairs on a wall and calls it art?! Not this guy. Who video tapes themselves licking up what looks like watered down strawberry jam on plexiglass?! Again, nope not me. When we walked by the video I yelped slightly out loud in disgust and the security guard goes, "Oh god I know! This part turns my stomach" *THANK GOD I AM NOT ALONE HERE PEOPLE!

I knew it was time to leave (about 20 mins into my enlightenment) when a group of about 10 hipster 25 year olds with goodwill looking outfits (that I am SURE cost WAY more than they look) and all wearing large geeky glasses walked in. The ring leader (the most homeless looking one of the bunch) goes, "Oh my god it's here! (as he points to the chairs) The GENIUS, (...I can't remember the artists name who did the hanging wall chairs) actually has their work HERE!" Annnnnnd that my cue to leave!!!

As we were about head out I saw the gift shop. I love the gift shop at the MOMA in NYC, It's not as pompous as it sounds.... look at their online stuff people, so I thought this has got be along the same lines. We walk up and down the small aisles. Saw a few things I thought were pretty cool. Then as we were leaving I saw they had some jewelry done by famous designers (not a clue who anyone was....the only famous designer I know is Tiffany and I don't see any little blue boxes here). 

I was looking at a few items and saw a pair of earrings I liked made out of gold and gemstones. The very nice lady behind the counter took them out, told me the price (a couple hundred bucks) and tried explaining to me why they were so special. I liked them because they had pretty yellow gemstones and happen to match my outfit. She was saying how the designer basically went to Mars and back to make these and is blind with no hands...blah blah blah...(no not really) Then she told me they were 45% off. REALLY?! 

Ok here's a good fun fact about me...There is NOTHING I mean NOTHING more I LOVE in life then getting a good deal on high end crap. Even if I don't need it or want it that badly. If a good deal was to be had well then SIGN ME UP! Without even spending another second thinking about it I bought them! UH?! What just happened here?!?! There goes our cheap trip to the museum! 

Alex goes, "Just because you got a flu shot does not mean you need to buy yourself a little pick me up!" (I am deathly afraid of needles so a flu shot is a big deal for this guy, i.e. ME) He knows me so well....It was almost like a "push present" for myself. ha ha ha

Next month we are going to the Aquarium on the cheap with the same passes. I swear to god if I come home with a penguin I think Alex is going to kill me. 

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