Thursday, January 2, 2014

Saying Good Bye to 2013 and Hello to 2014!

Well here we are all again....about to say good bye to another year together and hello to a fresh start and new promises to one another whatever those may be. Some of you may or may not know this about me but I ALWAYS make a list at the beginning of the year of things I would like to accomplish through the year but that's not what this post is about.

I am sick...I am sick with a bad cold sick that Alex has kindly given me. Not that I blame him at all here people. I 100% saw this coming last week but there is not many worse things I can think of then to have a week off from work and happen to be sick the whole time. The only good thing is now I have an excuse to lay around, watch as much tv as I can, online shop and nap on and off all day long. Really when you put it like that it doesn't sound all that bad.

Last night to ring in the new year I made us some veggie was AMAZING! I have no idea why I don't do this more often.

 I called Alex on his way home and said, "What do you feel like for dinner"

A "Ummmm...oh I don't care. Whatever."

Me "Are you sure? There is nothing you want?"

A "Nope."

So veggie pho it is! He walked in and when I told him what we were having it was like someone ran over his puppy. And then when I said the leftovers were for lunch the next day it was like the same person backed right over said puppy again. He ate it and then chased this healthy meal with a captain and diet coke with a large bowl of chocolate.

We did the count down till 8pm....

said cheers with some sparkling apple cider and both asleep by 9:30pm. Honestly as much as I would have loved to gone out and see some great friends it was almost a blessing in disuguise to have me sick so we could have an excuse to stay home and do nothing together. I always feel like New Years Eve (among many holidays) puts such pressure people to go out and live like there's no tomorrow. After bartending for 12 years I saw too many people trying to accomplish this and decided that I didn't need to be that person. I would rather chew broken glass then pay a cover for a bar that you would normally walk in, get a seat and drink without a problem or it costing $65 for the fun memory of having some puke on you.

Enough of that so this morning we woke up to the heat in our house being broken. SO SAD! Tomorrow we are suppose to get about a foot of snow here in the Boston area and we are without heat. The high on Friday....15. YEP 15! Oh people it's time to get cozy! We called the heating guy (we got a guy!) and they are going to try and come by tomorrow which I am sure will cost a pretty penny but for now we are bundling up and I told Alex to bake something in the oven, HOPING that will add some extra heat into the mix.

Don't feel too bad for us. I usually keep our house heated to 70 or 71 in the winter. If I can't live in San Diego god dammit my house will feel like. Right now it's a ripe 65 and I am bundled up on the couch. I am about to put on another sweater shirt, thicker socks and another blanket. Alex is loving it. He's trying to make the perfect bloody mary and watching hockey on tv. Oh man!

Well much more to come about our holidays but for now I bid you all a very happy new years and cheers to a fabulous year ahead!


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