Saturday, August 17, 2013

Guess I am never going to grow up....There is no light at the end of this tunnel name is Beth and I'm addicted to Candy Crush on my iPad.

To my credit I did make every effort to attempt to avoid the downward spiral that is this horrible game. I download books on my kindle (TONS OF THEM), I have magazines loaded on my iPad just ready to be opened, Hell (not that this is saying much for character) I still have the whole second season of American horror story to watch (at least it's not the Real Housewives of Some County" ) that I PAID for on iTunes yet still.....still when I have a second of free time to kill what do I do? Go STRAIGHT to Candy Crush. Holy Shit I have a problem!

Here I am, 32 years young and bored on an airplane. Instead of picking up a book....I go right to the hell that is game. I spent 2 weeks....yep you read that right...2 freaking weeks trying to beat some level in the 20's. I have even been known to adjust the time (its's a long story and if you don't play the game this will make NO sense at all) on my iPad to make my lives come back quicker.

Like I said I have a problem! To offset this mindless crap I have filled my kindle to the brim with every book I can think of including a few I will NEVER read like the autobiography of Ben Franklin (it was free) just to make myself feel better that maybe ONE day I will grow up and not play this crap and actually learn something. There really is no hope here though.

I am currently trying to learn Italian with a free app I downloaded on my IPad (Yep again you read that right...I would use the would try very loosely here) and instead of learning how to say, "I am a woman who eats the apple" (I can say that in Italian)  I'm trying to beat level 51 on this STUPID GAME!!!!

Someone asked me if I read books the other day...why yes I would if I never found this stupid game! I am starting to look that dumb that someone needs to ASK me if I read?! JESUS CHRIST! All I can hope is in my sleep Alex deletes this on my phone and iPad. (You really never know when you are going to be bored some where. A gal's gotta have options)

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