Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacationville Population 0....

I am back...back from being across the country twice in a week and a half. I am WIPED! Colorado as we all know was family fun and Vegas....Oh dear god....let's just say I lived through it and didn't have to bail my little brother out of jail so I look at that as a complete success.

Vegas - 1
Beth being 32 - 0

(waiting to check in...big sister decided we needed booze)

(Day drinking at 32...YIKES!)

(We have no other pics or proof that we spent $200 to sit in a bar completely made out of ice in the desert other than this one because after spending $200 to go in the bar and drink cocktails (very very bad strong cocktails) out of cups made from ice we didn't want to spring the extra $30 bucks for the souvenir photos!) **the real gem in this nugget of a story is that EVERYONE in the ice bar was from New England....we all live in an arctic tundra 100 days out of the year...need I say more

Oi Oi Oi!!!!

Why stop now....

(DELISH! Is what that is about 1000 weight watchers points)

(Night clubs, Fabulous New Australian Friends and Bars made out of Chandlers!)

(Get me the hell out of this city is what that face says!)

 Like I was saying...

Vegas has yet again proved to me that I am too old for this shit! Now that I am back to the cold hard reality of my life not being an all star jet setter I will post something with more validity than vegas photo's some time this week. PROMISE!


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