Thursday, March 14, 2013

So we bought a Vitamix! (Below is a total Food Geek Moment)

For all of your who don't know or care about what a Vitamix is or is all about, well my friends it's the Lexus of the blender world. This puppy chops, makes smoothies, ice cream, sorbet, hot soup (YES.... HOT....FREAKING... SOUP) if it would do my job for me and I could legally marry it I would at this point!

No seriously it is awesome. It was worth every REALLY expensive little penny we paid all $405 of them. (Which included tax and shipping....but it should have included a small person to make us smoothies at our beckon call! It didn't) There are many to choose from but we settled on the refurbished one that is from their website offers and 100% certified by the company. It has a 5 year warranty and came in a few different colors. You select the "class of blender" verse the model you want. We settled on the 6300/5 pro which was a little more money than the other ones but has a few easy preprogrammed setting for the hot soup, ice cream and smoothies plus it got REALLY good reviews.

When I opened it a little bit ago it looks brand spanking new! Not a scratch on it and I still can't believe it was refurbished. It also came with a really nice recipe guide to help you make up your mind on what to toss in it first. I bought some blood oranges at the store the other day so I thought, "let's make some blood orange sorbet after dinner" Soooooo we did just that. I know what you are thinking...."Hell I can do that in my $25 blender that I bought at Walmart where they treat their employee's like small Chinese Children in Nike Factories!" (Sorry I am not a huge fan of Walmart, read Nickeled and Dimmed in America)

Maybe you could but to be honest this thing ground the ice so fine it was the perfect sorbet texture. (Yep I just said) So now I am on the hunt for the PERFECT breakfast smoothie!!! Wish me luck!!!!

The only downfall I have seen so far, well more like heard, is it's SO FREAKING LOUD. How loud you ask? Well I had to YELL over said amazing smoothie hot soup machine to say to Alex, "WOW OUR NEIGHBORS ARE REALLY GOING TO HATE US TOMORROW MORNING!" And than the sorbet was done and the motor shut off right as I was screaming the last part of the sentence.


P.s. I have to share this....I feel this way constantly!

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