Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We just made homemade salsa and I can't feel my tongue

Coming back from Mexico you would think I would have an iron stomach by now. We ate nothing but spicy food morning, noon and night for a week straight. (In our house sriracha is a frequent flyer in almost everything we eat).  By the end of the week I stopped sweating while eating the "special salsa" that no gringo would eat and they keep in the back of the taco shop but tonight this homemade stuff we made IS KICKING MY ASS and my tongue for that matter which now no longer exists.

The habanero we put in this puppy was so hot (yes some are hotter than others and this little guy was SPPPPIIIIIICCCCCCYYYYYY) that when Alex buzzed it in the food processor he started coughing right away, before he took the lid off!!! (I thought to myself, SHIT). Alex is CONVINCED that by tomorrow this death sauce, as it is now know in our household, will be "mellowed out" I believe were his exact words. I on the other hand have tums, the pink stuff and some milk all ready for white trash turkey taco night tomorrow (where said death sauce will be a guest of honor on the dinner plate) in case I need to bring in some back ups in fighting this spice holy war that will be going on in my mouth.

**side note I was just coughing so loudly from the mini spice attack that Alex said, "Bless You!" thinking I was sneezing. (If I EVER sneeze like I just coughed please hide me in a closet because I would scare anyone in sight!)

***side side note the death sauce is making Alex delusional and he is "singing" or as he put it "serenading me so I MUST PAY ATTENTION TO HIM" with the theme song to 'The West Wing'.

SAVE YOURSELVES!!!! It's already too late for me!

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