Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alternatives to Eating

Back to work I go today. I am tired, slightly bloated and needless to say my pants aren't that loose these days. I keep thinking, "If I pee more maybe they will loosen up a little bit!" (Not so much) I am not a huge fan of the "I'm on vacation and I can eat/drink WHATEVER I WANT" reason being that it's a slippery slope that yours truly has a. fallen off too many times to count and b. finds it even harder to get back into a routine afterwards. 

The reason I am writing this tonight is because I thought to myself, while snacking on pretzel thins with teddy peanut butter, "immmmmmm, I SHOULD try and get off to the gym tomorrow morning or at least do some kettle bells". This was AFTER I went to CVS to buy my last (god willing) bag of cadbury mini eggs in my pj's. (I have hit a new low and become THAT GUY too lazy to change and shopping in my poka dot pj pants....the only thing that would make it much worse would be if it was at a Walmart!) 

I need to figure out a way to get my appetite in check. I have NO self control when it comes to food or giving into my craving for food. Soooooo I am making a list of things I can do besides eating and drinking. It's my go to comfort one stop shopping. 

Every time I am about to eat something I need to ask myself, "Are you REALLY hungry there tubby?!" (Ok maybe not the tubby part) if the answer is not really than I need to pick something else off the list to do verse eating. 

 I know it sounds childish and silly but I need to loose some serious poundage not because I am borderline a health risk but I am sick of holding the camera for the "best angle"

 or that feeling of "this is so not a good look" WHILE I wearing something... (looks like yours truly has a baker's dozen!)

And no matter what anyone says, this doesn't not taste THAT good!

Moral of the story you ask? Why am I putting some of the nastiest pictures of myself on the internet??....because I am DETERMINED to get this god damn weight off and if I don't I give you all permission to heckle me to no end. This next month I am going to dedicate to blogging about health living, some yummy recipes and things to do BESIDES EATING!!!!! Any good ideas pass them along. 

And one last one for good measure, tube tops DO NOT look good on anyone over 96 lbs....
(**I also apparently need another go to picture face!)

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