Saturday, March 30, 2013

I think I would call myself a "Savvy Consumer"

I need to preface this by saying I am not cheap. I have a soft spot in my heart for expensive sunglasses, high end shoes (that I can not afford), hand bags and a nice night out on the town (waaaaaaay too often). I buy expensive eggs from Whole Foods that are fifty cents a piece because I think the chicken's are happier. I like to think of them like the "happy cows from California" ad campaign but with chickens.
Now don't get me wrong I am not made out of money I do cut corners every now and again to off set the expensive happy eggs and the shoes that are SUPER cute but hurt so bad I could never wear them. For example before I leave the house I ALWAYS bring a full nalgene bottle of water, ALWAYS. I also take my own lunch to work every day and make coffee at home. The other thing I do to save some cash is dye my own hair. I figure it's in my blood!!! My grandfather (Jim Roseto, the man, the myth, the ledgion) owning a VERY successful beauty academy in the 50's and forcing all of his kids (minus the blessed baby boy) to go to said beauty school as a "fall back plan incase the college degree's don't work" SCREAMS to me....You can dye your own hair!!! Am I wrong here?!?!?

I also lived with a hair stylist circa 2001 - 2003. She would come home and dye my hair almost every day of the week. My hair was every color of the rainbow and one dye job away from falling off completely but I thought I picked up on a few tips while being her guinea pig for a year solid.

**Please picture me 2 bottles of wine deep with small hand mirrors set up all throughout my old living room trying to foil my hair with all of the hair dye my old roommate stole from her hair salon....what was I thinking?!? I am going to save $200 and get this done!!! It didn't turn out THAT BAD because I had a love affair with punk rock and didn't care that I was going for red and turned out green because I failed 9th grade chemistry!

So cut to today, I dye my hair maybe 3 or 4 times a year max. I have the color gel hair dye, mix it with some developer and BAM! Brownish reddish glossy hair!!!! AND I save $80. The last time I attempted this money saver I dripped hair dye, I am not the most graceful person in the world, all down the wall next to the sink in the bathroom. This time I must have had a little bit on the gloves I was using and like hansel and gretel in the woods I left hair dye EVERY WHERE I WENT IN THE HOUSE in between washing the color bowl and mixing a new color to put on my noggin. OPSIE!

Have no fear....MR CLEAN MAGIC ERASER IS HERE!!! I tried to sneak in the bathroom without Alex noticing the large white sponge in my hand and started the clean up brigade. I THOUGHT I had it all but apparently I missed a few spots. Alex walks in the bathroom to shower about 20 minutes later and goes, "REALLY?!?!?!" (this is his version of Ricky Ricardo's 'LUCY YOU HAVE SOME ESPLAINEN TO DO!') I had splashed hair color all of the tops of the walls in the bathroom, HE CLAIMS, I am 5'4" on a good tell me how I could get color all over the walls and ceiling. I mean don't get me wrong I don't put it past myself but still!

And we all know that when you use a mr clean magic eraser it is a very slippery slope. You end up seeing EVERY SINGLE SPOT on the walls, doors and start to loose your mind.

Is it worth it to save the $80 or $200 to color my own hair...SURE! I am don't paint the walls in the bathroom...Alex does. :)

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