Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Impromptu Date Night

With the BEST COMPANY A GAL COULD ASK FOR!!!!! My long time brother from another mother.....Nicky!!!! Or as most of you know him, Poodle!!!!!!

I really don't know a better way to spend a Wednesday night then with this tall drink of water, some real good laughs and sushi!

A few martini's, dinner and some fortune cookies later Poodle admits to me what his major purchases were this past weekend.....Pier One Imports was having a blow out sale.....if you know Nicky you know he loves a few things in (expensive ones), smelling good (always does even in the very hot sun) and HOUSE CHOTCHKIES! He is has a soft spot in his heart for themed holiday crap, (sorry stuff), things in the shape of poodles and CANDLES. Lots and lots of candles. He doesn't discriminate he likes all shapes, sizes and smells.

The boy has moved on from small throw pillows (when we first fell in love in 2002 he was SLIGHTLY, I use this word VERY lightly, obssesed with decorative throw pillows that could never be touched or sat on. They "enhanced the look of the couch". If you could find the couch underneath all of the throw pillows kudos to you!) and now into candles.

So back to the candles, he goes, "Oh man you should have seen it! All the candles were on sale! Even the battery operated!" He was almost as excited as the first time we went to the NH State Liquor store and he saw how cheap everything was. He followed me around for about 20 minutes up and down the wine aisles while I looked at bottles of wine and he scratched NH State scratch tickets. There was a trail of silver shaving behind him EVERY WHERE HE WENT IN THE STORE! (God I love him)

He continues, "So they had little ones, big ones, tall ones, small ones.....even the tea lights were on sale!!!!! And here's the best part....THEY ARE ALL ON A REMOTE!!!!!" Oh good god here we go! He has a vision of putting them all over his deck at night and using the remote to make them flicker! (or as he told they can be still or flicker together!!!) Yep, I REALLY love him!!

I bet when they are all lit you will be able to see his back deck from space now in the summer time between the battery operated candles, solar party lights and tea lights! LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!

SO on that note I am off to bed, I have to finish packing...this jet setter is heading off to Florida to go hang with my little brother and parents. Yep I am a mooch! You buy or rent a winter place I will come!!!! Stock the fridge with bottled water, booze and some snacks! I will bring the joy into your life. It is my gift to you. :)

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