Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oh Florida......Why, Why are you so cold!!!!

So I am of 2 hours ago I touched back down in Boston and IT IS WARMER HERE THAN THERE FOR SURE! What the hell!?! First off don't listen to the weather people (trying to be politically correct here) in the "sunshine state" (poor advertising Florida, poor advertising!). They lie BIG TIME about the temperature. There is no way in hell is was 55 out yesterday, penguins were starting to migrate up the beach from the Arctic! There was this little thing called a "wind chill" going on and it had to feel like it was 40 out in the shade!

No one in their right mind was out on the beach yesterday EXECPT for the 2 chicks who must have been from Nebraska on Spring Break, haven't had a carb since 2012 and god damnit they were going on that beach no matter what! They will have one thing to look forward too, a super bad cold!

That aside it was a great, VERY QUICK, trip in Florida that went a little something like this....

Day One....Brotherly Love!

The Promise of Fishing (I wasn't allowed to touch the fishing rod)

AND....This is what he caught...TWICE! Could have been a clam?!

Day Drinking.....HELLLLLLOOOOO VACATION TIME!!! This was the only hour it was warmish

 Day Two....this isn't getting old for one of us yet. :)

Family Photo!

The Bad Idea..... Note to self, Blue Drinks are ALWAYS a bad idea

*Fun Fact of the Day, Panthers are not real! (They are black leopards)

Happiest Tiger EVER!

White Trash Moment in Florida, CHECK (a trip to Walmart to buy beer and the Horse Races!)

Light House Donuts, Thank you diners, drive ins and dives for ruining yet ANOTHER great hole in the wall place! Running out of amazing donuts by 9am is NOT acceptable. 

My brother from another mother...and Tequila Shots!!!

 And now's it's old, Day 3


What a view!

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