Friday, May 31, 2013

Date Day....Table for 1....

Today I decided not to go to work (Wait one second...I'm not a total badass ditching today I actually have to work a wedding tomorrow, just incase anyone I work with reads this post.) and spend the day solo taking myself on a date! 

First stop walking the lake this morning!! When I drive to work in the mornings I always envy those who are out for a late morning jog or walk. So on my days of during the week I always make an effort to be that person I envy so much! This morning was awesome and almost no one as out walking. Usually the lake is PACKED with people, animals and strollers! This morning it was already warm and in the 80's at 8am! Woooo Hooooo! (It felt good this morning at 8am now at 6 and it's still 95 out, not so much!)

Next on the list...breakfast with Alex where we realized two things....1.fake bacon (AND for the record HE picked this out!!!!) is disgusting and 2. Tofu scrambles don't taste like real eggs. They taste like good seasoned tofu crumbled with veggies. Ugh! The quest for breakfast ideas continues!! 

A quick shower and I was on the road! Wind in my hair 

 because I'm too poor to fix the AC in my car the wind is ALWAYS in my hair! Good tunes on the iPod....PLUM ISLAND HERE I COME!!!

I wasn't sure what to expect...let me tell you the people watching did not disappoint at all! 

Women in bikinis with fat rolls where it looks like the fat rolls are eating said bikini....CHECK

People who are too old to be that tan.....CHECK
(As my dear friend Heather Ladner once said "if you can't tone it, tan it!" This does not apply to those who are one Twinkie away from a heart attack or look like the woman from 'Something About Mary')

White trash holding babies while smoking butts, wearing lots of jewelry and trying to help tie dye bikinis make a come back....CHECK

Tourists from the Midwest swimming in 54 degree water....Yep got those too! 

All for the low low price of $10 to park which I negotiated down to $8.27 (it was all the money I had and there was a line of cars behind me so I couldn't pull out. sorry adorable 18 year kid if I got you in trouble!!!!) 

3 hours of burning in the sun, a smooshed pbj sammy, my beach umbrella flying away into the ocean (Opsie), slowly inching my chair back from the shore line every 10 mins with the tide coming in... it was time for me to go. 

Where did I go you ask? 

To COOL OFF!!!! It was/is so freaking hot outside and my car was a toasty 200 degrees that I went to the nearest bar with AC I could find to have 5 HUGE glasses of water and this very cold beer. 

After all this liquid I had to pee and during this time I realized something. Since my late 20's I have become slightly over weight and decided that no one needs to see me in a two piece any more in public AT ALL. So I have begun a new relationship with the one piece bathing suite. This bad boy has some spanx action with that 50's tiny little skirt to it and is sort of flattering with the right wrap around my waist. BUT biggest downfall to the one piece? TRYING (more like slowly peeling it off my body) to get it off while wet when needing to pee and than TRYING to get it back on again. In Mexico after one too many trips to the swim up bar in this bad larry I took a tiny tumble in the bathroom while balancing and hopping in the stall trying to get it back on. It's like when you are trying to get on freshly washed, a little snug jeans and you bounce around your bedroom. Try doing that in a tiny bathroom stall after a cocktail or 10 with wet feet. NOT SO MUCH! I had a mini repeat of this in Newburyport (sorry lady in the stall next to me if I scared you when I almost fell over again!)

With that said I am now back at home, relaxing, eating homemade pizza and having a wine (YEP) 

ha ha SUCH a good day. I can't believe it's already 6:30! Happy Friday! 

If you live in New England, stay cool friends! xox

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