Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Something new I learned this past weekend and have a new approach to gettin skinny

Since the 1st of this month I have made a very serious effort to walk over 10,000 steps (hellllooooooo fitbit, BUY ONE!) AND every other day do something active above that. Like throw kettle bells, go on a bike ride, walk the lake after dinner, go for hike (ok I did that once) and every now and then hit the gym. So far so good. I have a calendar on my fridge that I write on every day to cheer myself on. I also keep the previous months on there to motivate me to do better this month than last but also to see how much I have accomplished because for me it's important to see the big picture verse the day to day. It helps me not get bummed at myself when I have a lazy day. I can look back and say..."Wow the whole month of April I only had 9 lazy days that I didn't go to the gym" Not bad...not bad at all.

Fitness friends help me help you help me...I'd love some great ideas to motivate myself! What do you guys do??

So we, all ladies the place, know how we feel when ANYONE calls us "Ma'am". No matter what age you are when they call you this you ALWAYS feel old. I don't think guys feel the same way being called "Sir"and from what Alex says he could careless. (he is my measure of what all men think at this point in time, no not really) But this past weekend I have reached a whole new level of being "ma'am" I was MOMED! 4 times this past weekend I was said, "Happy Mother's Day!" to.
A. I do not have any children nor do I hang out with any children (friends with kids...we should hang out more)
B. I do not have a wedding ring nor do I wear ANY rings for that matter which would lead to having said kids (ALEX GET ON THIS GOD DAMNIT, he doesn't read this)

What does this mean you ask.....it means I LOOK OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE KIDS! 32 years old and EVERYONE (including my ovaries) is telling me that I should be having kids!!!! Here I was happy I am at the age where they ONCE in a a great while "they" (the 22 year old college kids making extra cash bartending or waitressing having the times of their lives and no idea how good they actually have it) ask me for my id when I order a drink (which I get excited about until they say, "Wow! I didn't think you were THAT OLD."....thanks 22 year old serving me hopefully you won't be paying off your college loans for the rest of your life while working at this restaurant because there are no jobs out there....blame the republicans. kidding kidding)

On a completely different subject Alex and I had another riveting discussion last night about this whole "vegan chapter" in (and let's use the following term VERY loosely because only one of us is actually participating in this chapter on purpose) our lives. I was trying to explain to him how I feel bad for factory farmed animals and how I don't think I should actually be called a vegan but more someone who is trying to eat all the vegetables I can at every meal blah blah blah. Alex then goes, "Well you know...I actually feel bad for the vegetables! They aren't trying to hurt anyone. They just go about their business all day, just making air for us to breathe until someone like you comes along grabs them out of the ground, throws some olive oil them and away they go!" Oh.... my...... god....and this is argument to me for him wanting more pork in his life. While he's chanting "Plants and people too!"

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