Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend...Beers, BBQ's and Old Friends!

My liver hurts in the best way possible from this past weekend. We have had food from a grill for the past 3 days straight, even in the pouring rain. Today I could barely pick my head off the pillow but I rallied to play 9 holes of golf, walked half the lake in our town and then went back down into the city for another BBQ with some great friends.

Honest to god it was a great weekend but I have learned a few things about myself and life....

1. I do not, under any circumstances, look good in wide horizontal stripes! EVER!


 Can you believe these outfits?!

 2. I have some of the greatest and funniest friends alive and even at our ripe ages of 30-something we can still have a great time in a bathroom during a party!

(That is a very raw cheeseburger Krissy is kissing)

 3. Cold and rainy during Memorial Day Weekend...NO BIG DEAL AT ALL, The grill must go on!!!!

 4. Did I mention how great my friends of 25 plus years are.....

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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