Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Well...well...well...fancy seeing you here.

Talk about being lazy with writing! I feel like it's been forever friends. Tonight I had to get my hair cut....I looked like a shaggy dog for weeks and have been wearing my glasses at work lately to keep my bangs out of my face. BUT I am back baby! Let there be light! I can see again!!!!

So I know you are all wondering..."What the hell did Beth do this weekend?!!?" Oh friends let me tell you!

I am still killing it on the 10,000 step mark every day and throwing in a little bit more exercise here and there as well! Please see my calendar below that I keep on my fridge. If I can't make it in my current career telling people what they want to eat I think I can fall back on my career as an artist and yes that is a VERY happy taco on the calendar and NO I did not draw the calendar I am talking about the small pictures in the boxes every day. 

Have I lost any weight? NOPE! But I have faith! If you work out (and stop eating crap), YOU WILL loose weight. And if I don't I am opening a new credit card up and I will hire someone to smack food out of my hand that I shouldn't be eating. :)

What else is going on in my world you ask??? Am I still a plant eating son of a gun....Why YES! This weekend I did kill some lobsters but I am ok with this because when I went to buy them from my lobster guy (Yep I really do GOT A GUY! I feel like an old Italian Mobster when I say that) I was able to meet, I SWEAR TO GOD, the guy who caught these guys. His boat was literally outside. It's a hole in the wall on the water in Beverly owned by two brothers, Lynch Lobsters, please go they are WONDERFUL!!!!! There was another guy in there just shooting the shit with one of the brothers. When the brother went around back to pull my new little buddies out of their tanks I thought I should play the "getting to know you" with the other guy (1. because I will talk to a wall if it will stand up long enough and 2. I don't do well in a dim lit place with a strange large man.....I watch WAAAAAAAY too much Law and Order SVU) 

I say, "Great place here uh!?"

Grumpy Old Man "Yep"

Me in an overly cheery voice "Are you picking up some lobsters too?"

Grumpy Old and now CLEARLY trying to ignore me Man "Nope"

With sun shine shooting out of my ass "Don't you just love this place! I drive up here from Wakefield just to pick up some lobsters! They are the best I have ever had for sure! I still can't believe...blah blah blah blah blah"

GOM (Grumpy Old Man) "I am a lobsta-man. Wait look, yep that one's mine (plop on the scale), oh that one's mine too....(plop)....and that one (plop)....Oh looks all four of yours are mine! They are from the rock!"

His new best friend (Me!) "Get....out...of...town!! What's from the rock?"

GOAM (Grumpy Old Annoyed Man) "Full of meat! Haven't shaken his old shell!"

And on that note....drum roll please.....I give you...LOBSTER RACES!!!!!! (yep I am officially kicked out of the vegan club) I actually am stilling cooking mostly vegan but a little seafood every now and then sounds good to me!

And this is the last thing I did this weekend....I had a break through "ahhhh haaaaa" moment. One some of you will be VERY proud of. It all started last year..YEP...you heard me correct! Last year, there I was surfing on Tory Burch.com looking at their new Spring Line and saw this beautiful pair of silk mary jane one inch pumps. They were cream with yellow and green stripes...and wait for it.....wait for it....a pretty yellow bow! I was going to change out that bow they had on them with a bright yellow silk bow but no big deal, details...details. They were $300 plus tax. My $300 dollar shoe days are long gone so I decided to hold off on buying them. This past weekend I was at the Nordstroms Rack (I think you know where I am going with this now) in Danvers...and what did I see.....
THERE THEY WERE!!!!!! The shoes!!!!! In my size!!!! I squealed in the store as I put them on. For the next 1/2 hour I walked around the store shopping in the shoes because I own WAY too many pairs of shoes that I "THOUGHT" were comfortable, bought them and can now never wear them because they hurt too much. A wise woman I had never met before once said to me while I was shoe shopping by myself, "If a pregnant woman was in labor....are they comfortable enough to run and get towels for her?!" Wise words honey...wise words. After that comment her, her friend and myself went to three different stores and shopped more together before we parted ways! They were my people!

These were marked down to $200 and to be honest they were pretty comfortable BUT after a half hour on my feet I looked down and said to Alex (YEP! He was there and following me around the store saying I should get them) "You know I think if we went out to eat in Boston I couldn't wear these shoes. However if we went out to dinner and could park the car close by it wouldn't be a big deal. BUT these are cream silk.....I stain EVERYTHING....what the hell am I thinking buying cream silk shoes!?" I put had to give them to someone else to put back but I left the store without them....

Case in point...below is a picture of Alex's shirt from Saturday night. He SAT NEXT TO ME and I ATE something with a red sauce which I GOT ALL OVER HIM! And I almost bought cream silk shoes!!! JESUS! Dodged that bullet!

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