Sunday, May 5, 2013

Veganville....Population 0....

I fell so hard off the vegan wagon this afternoon and hit every single piece of raw sushi on the way down! Hell, I made it 12 days!!! And I still haven't had dairy or meat yet only fish. It all started with a craving for freshly shucked local oysters and an ice cold beer....and then it was some sushi and now Alex is picking up some asian veggie noodle. I feel guilty but it all tasted so good. So so good!

Here's what I have realized in these past 12 days....

The Pro's....
- Being vegan is not that hard. There are TONS of things you can eat and most of these things are VERY tasty. We did have a couple of EPIC fails but for the most part it was great. And to be honest not being a vegan I have made so HORRIBLE things over the years so that is a moot point.

- I actually did/do feel very good up until this weekend. This weekend I am puffy. I feel like I ate a salt lick and am retaining water like a 9 month pregnant woman.

- I think I might have a slight allergy to dairy. My tummy feels a lot better not eating it at all.


- Throughout this whole thing I have TONS of energy, I was not hungry (well any more hungry than I usually am) and I think focusing on eating better made me want to be more healthy in general.

The Con's...
- Being vegan, at least for me, is not cheap. But to be honest us eating anything is not cheap. I am not a cheap date when it comes to the grocery store. Plus I had to buy a bunch of staples that we would not normally have in the house. I bet over the next month or so the bills will go down now that I have some stuff.

- Fake cheese and meat are no replacements for what you are craving. You are better off not eating it at all.

- There are fat vegans and vegetarians out there. There is a lot of stuff and recipes that are vegan or veggie and PACKED with calories.

- I am not GLOWING! I really wanted to be one of those vegans who glows. God dammit!

- It SUCKS going out to eat at certain places with your options being very limited and people not always knowing EVERYTHING that is in everything. I think some people just guess and say "Oh yeah there's not dairy in that" and then turns out there is.

Other than that it was a REALLY positive experience. I am planning on being vegan when it is convenient for myself. Yep, I am a selfish/fair weather vegan! No honestly I wish I could do this all the time and maybe one day I will get there but for now I am happy eating a plant based diet for the majority of the time and then when a fish or egg craving comes along I am diving on in! I don't think I will be eating much dairy again (YAY FOR DAIRY COWS!!!)

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