Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ukulele Update...

I had ukulele practice last friday and this past Tuesday, oh I am a pro. I played (in between commercials  breaks while watching crap tv) until my little hands began to throb! This was about 15 minutes MAX. Both days Alex happened to be out of the house. Now don't get me wrong it's not that I don't like playing while he's home but he asks a lot of questions which I take a judging (even though he absolutely is not at all), then I pick a mini fight,  put down the ukulele and then commence snacking on ANYTHING. It's vicious cycle but someone's gotta do it.

So here I am, Ukulenny and myself, on Tuesday night playing twist and shout LIKE A PRO! Just jamming away! *please read, 'better than a blind 3 year old with no hands'. (I know, I's not very PC but that's all I got I am in a vegan peanut butter coma and all I want is a GOD DAMN LOBSTER ROLL!!!!!) Tonight I pick up the uku and Alex goes, "Oh are you going to serenade me?!" I said, "Oh yeah! In between commercial breaks while we are watching Chronicle!" First commercial break comes and I dive right on into the three cords I know...strumming away... Oh Beatles eat your heart out!!! I stop and say, "SO!!??" Alex hesitates and goes, " song is that?" UH?! WHAT SONG IS THAT?!?!?! "IT'S TWIST AND SHOUT!??! Are you DEAF?!!?!!?"

He goes, "Oh! Well, maybe it just needs to be tuned?" (Here's a fun fact for you, he tuned it before he handed it to me to start this jam sesh) We all know that tuning is not the issue here AT ALL! So I turn on the You Tube video with Ukulenny and we play along "together" (use this word VERY loosely, I am strumming so off key that almost sounds like a cat in heat). Alex goes, "Ummmm, I don't think you are playing that right..." He is trying so hard to be gentle here.

I try two or three more times and then put it down and begin the downward spiral of pouting and snacking....hence the peanut butter coma (I am ADDICTED to the honey roasted, I am not that kind of vegan this week, peanut butter from whole foods that you grind yourself...oh sweet delicious peanut butter goodness you making everything in life so much better.

I think that's enough ukulele playing for one night, that lasted a whole whopping 5 minutes. There is always tomorrow people...there is always tomorrow. Ukulele band auditions will be postponed for a few more weeks I think. More to come!

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