Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A post about food...all about fooooooooood! :)

Spring has sprung here in Boston and it has been BEAUTIFUL out for the past two weeks. Weather like this honestly makes up for such a shitty winter and really makes you appreciate how good 2 weeks of 70 degrees feels. 

It also makes you want to eat less comfort food and dig into some of these awesome spring veggies! In the past two weeks I have been doing a lot of cooking but the last few nights have taken the cake for things we made. (In a good way, not like the train wreck last week that we can't even talk about)

Curried Roasted Eggplant and Lentil Salad with Cashews and Mango....(AAAAAAMMMMMMMAAAAAZING!) EAT IT!100% an eating well recipe...MAKE THIS!!!!

And tonight's dinner is brought to you by one of my new FAVORITE food blogs, Love and Lemons. It's beautifly photographed (the blog not my dinner) and all of the recipes are not overly complicated. I didn't make it exactly as listed only because I had other sauces I wanted to use up but I think you get the idea. I give you (drumroll please)....Quinoa Mushroom Lettuce Wraps!!!! We added sliced jalapeno's on top for some extra heat VERY tasty!!! I also topped ours with a pineapple curry sauce. I am excited for left overs tomorrow, that's how good it was.

Finished with some fresh strawberries and a tapioca based whipped topping. My point...not hard to be vegan at all and stilL VERY tasty! Does it taste like whipped cream, not exactly but DAMN CLOSE!

Tomorrow's adventure...mac and "cheeeeeze". Alex has already said he is going out to dinner with a friend. ha ha ha ha He has no faith! He also deserves the bacon cheese burger he's craving because he did make it 14 days as a "fair weather vegan".

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