Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ukulele Update.....

Alright friends....I am a solid hour into my ukulele lesson and I am watching some dude named Kenny or Lenny or Ukulenny (whatever the hell is name is) on You Tube who has a cat in the background and meows slightly off key with him every time he plays a cord (that alone makes this whole experience worth it) and I have realized a couple of things...

My fingers HAVE NEVER had to move like this before, EVER and holy shit it's not easy at all!!!! (who said this was going to easy?!?! Oh......I guess EVERYTHING sounds easy after 3 or 4 ritas the size of your head) Turns out Somewhere Over the Rainbow is not the best beginner song (let's just say), well maybe it is if you are SLIGHTLY musically inclined (please read a blind 5 year old could do this better than myself) but for yours truly looks like I am starting with a little "Twist and Shout" because it's only 3 chords and some strumming. C to the F to the G7!!!!!!

At one point in this little lesson of mine I couldn't get my middle finger to bend right so I started smacking it with my other hand and Alex just started laughing so hard he began to cry. So he had to come over, once he was done crying in the kitchen, to place my hands on the frets... And the train wreck continues!

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