Thursday, April 18, 2013

This may not be my brightest idea....

I need to start this off by saying I am not one to jump on a fad diet. I never did the "lemonade diet" (who thought that drinking water with lemon juice, cayenne and honey for 7 days straight was a good idea...they should be thrown off a bridge), I tried a juice cleanse once in 2004 (by day 3 I was seeing stars that were not there and so hungry I almost threw my tv out the window when a pizza commercial came one) and I had one SMALL adventure with the "south beach diet" but the no fruit thing I thought was just dumb and I again was so angry hungry after the first week of this I almost killed Alex. (poor poor Alex).

Since giving up cable a few months ago we, please read I...Alex tends to just sleep through them, have been watching A LOT of documentaries and most of them happen to be about food. Sure I feel bad for dairy cows as you all know and of course there are pigs and chicken (NO ONE should kick an animal!) but yet I still eat them. The one thing I have taken away from these documentaries (well there is more than one thing...we do have my hate for homemade almond milk...I still don't feel that bad for dairy cows) is that people who eat a plant based diet (it's a new phrase for being vegan) look and feel amazing.

Now I know when you start something new you 75% of the time you feel amazing. I mean when I go to the gym for a few weeks in a row I feel amazing and then that feeling goes away (or at least I think so I haven't made it a few weeks solid to the gym in the awhile...ok, this could be problem number 1). I feel sluggish, BLAH and all around uninspired....

So I decided to do a 2 week plant based diet challenge (I have many vegan friends, please stop laughing at me while reading this...I think this will be a challenge, I LOVE CHEESE!!!). It's a challenge I am 100% making up but I think giving up dairy, sugar and crap (did you know Oreo's are vegan!?!) will make me feel better. After some research I have all my recipes for the week (yep I am that organized) and so far Alex has no clue*. He is doing this by default so I am thinking by mid-week next week he is going to say, "Wait, where is the cheese?" "What are you trying to do me!!??" I figured the longer he doesn't know the better!

*I started writing this last night...Alex figured it out. Not by looking at the grocery list, oh no! He was laying on the couch grabbing his stomach going, "I think I put on pregnancy weight without being pregnant!!"I said,"I have that problem solved for next week!"

Alex "Wait!? What are you making me do?? Are we going to be VEGAN!?!"

(How the hell did he jump straight to that!!!)

Me "No no no, don't worry about it!"

Alex, now in a panic with sweat beading down his face, "Wait, Are you taking away my bacon!!! Are we going to be vegan all week!?"

Me "No, not a week!"

Alex "Oh thank god!"

Me "Two weeks!!!" (and then I ran into the bedroom)

Alex "OH MY GOD!"

(I can promise you that by mid week next week he will be sneaking hot roast beef sandwiches after I go to sleep! He will be a closet pastrami eater.)

The more the merrier so please join in if you feel the same way! Most people think I am crazy to try this but what the hell! I'll post what we are eating next week over the weekend. If anyone has any great recipes let me know! I am open to trying anything. Alex also just figured out peanut butter and jelly sammy's are also vegan so I think he's starting to calm down a bit. :)

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