Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Silver Linings

A couple of years ago my mom asked me if I would join weight watchers with her...I said yes and stuck with it for about 6 months, lost a decent amount of weight and then GAINED IT ALL BACK plus some. I am officially a ww club drop out. J-Hud you look so good but we all know that you have MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND A TEAM OF PEOPLE pushing you along! I have Alex, who when my alarm goes off to go to the gym goes, "Oh honey, snuggle....." and grabs me. DAMN IT! Warm snuggly bed verse COLD HARSH REALITY of a Badly Lit Gym and some hairy middle aged man trying to figure out the elliptical in front of me at 5:30am....I need to get to the god damn gym.

So now I use my fitness pal to count calories and a fitbit (LOVE the fitbit) because me and Jennifer Hudson didn't get along so well. On the my fitness pal site (which is free verse the $30 a month I paid for the ww) when you log your calories at the end of the day it says, "if you ate like this every day in 5 weeks you'd weigh...." I think a more fitting phrase would be, "if you eat like this for the next 5 weeks your pants will not fit and that bathing suite you're dreaming about wearing this summer....FORGET ABOUT IT!" I would find that MUCH more motivating then the number the spit at you. I think I do
well with a little tough love when it comes to weight loss.

And on a totally unrelated note....I can kill more time on buzzfeed than a fat guy at an all you can eat buffet! One of the greatest sites ever for mindless crap. I mean come on...OF COURSE I need to see 31 reasons why Naomi Campbell is the Best Reality Star Ever!!!! Or here's 27 Puppies who are up to no good..., you will either hate me or love me later for sharing this site with you. Happy Tuesday!

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