Friday, February 8, 2013


Oh man the hysteria is setting in!!! Between the news saying words like "crippling" and "historical" when referring to the snow storm and people reminiscing about the storm of 78' (if you are not from the Boston Area this was reason why today there is nothing left in the grocery store!) People are officially loosing it.

Yours truly just battled with all of the other crazies at the grocery store but I did not get into a fist fight over bread or milk. I did however see some lady fill up an entire shopping cart of every chocolate product she could see, another lady bought 6 whole chickens and 3 bunches of banana's (what the hell is she going to make?!) and someone else 4 bunches of oranges....Me you ask? What did I buy? Well stuff to make pizza and other fun snacks of course! I also got a few movies at the Red Box because I am truly convinced we will NOT loose power (fingers crossed, I think Alex and I would kill each other if this happens, say your good byes to us now) and I just checked the booze supply, got tons! (again this might off set the killing one another once the boredom hits, thank god I am from New Hampshire and know about 8 different drinking games that involve cards because god knows we couldn't just drink when we were younger we needed to find a way to drink as fast as humanly possible!...oh now I need to find a deck of cards, JUST IN CASE)

I have charged every electronic device I own and am ready to online shop till I drop if I get bored, oh let's be honest I will do this regardless if I am bored or not.

I am currently debating with myself about going to the gym before it closes so I do not feel overly guilty about laying around the house for the rest of the day but I can't seem to get up off the couch and still watching the news even though they are at the point of running out of things to say. Adam (the news reporter on channel 7) is at the point where he's reading emails from viewers and it's just getting sad.

Alright, alright I am going! I am getting up and going to the gym, there is no reason why I shouldn't right?!

Well stay warm and cozy all of you out there. Days like today are great because EVERYONE stays in and "hunkers down". As a New Englander you are suppose to be ok with this. I am but by 8 pm tonight I have my money on the cabin fever really setting in and Alex and I may or may not be walking to the nearest bar to us to get something fried and a beer. :)

Good luck to all of you and snack happy! See you on the other side of the winter wonderland!

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