Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oh my god....cabin fever day 2!

So I have cooked for a few days straight and apparently when left to my own devices and control of the tv remote I keep watching food documentaries on Netflix....

On Friday, during the pre-blizzard, I watched this documentary on these 3 very different people trying to be vegan for 3 months. I can't remember if it was 3 weeks or 3 months either way that part doesn't matter. (Shows how much I truly paid attention) but I did take away that I feel really bad for milking cows. I had no idea how much pressure they were under to make milk and the lengths farmers go in order to make sure they provide milk all year long! So sad! I am a huge omnivore and will try almost anything once. I mean jesus christ I actually "fall in love" with certain foods but I have to say I actually feel so bad for the milking cows that I would think about not buying milk. (Well I mean I would TRY other alternatives first)

So this morning I woke up at 6 am still thinking about the milking cows (crazy...? yeah a little bit...shocking...? no not at all...) I have been known to wake up at odd hours of the night to look up all kinds of random things. Anyway the moral of the story is I feel so bad for bessie (yes they have names and feelings too! And no I did not drink the crazy kool aid) that I am going to try making my own almond milk! In the wee hours this morning I did A LOT of research and found out that soy milk is not good for you because of the GMO soy beans in addition to all of the other things "they" put in soy milk and then Rice Milk, Coconut Milk and Hemp Milk are out because of not being that healthy for you and they also have a lot of crap in them. So that leads me to the road of Almond Milk ( I feel like this is a bad Lewis Black routine)....they said that in about 1 cup of store bought almond milk there is only about 4 almonds. If you make it at home though you can put as many almonds in as your little heart desires! BUT you also need to find almonds that have been "steamed" and not sprayed with some chemicals that are bad for you, jesus the story never ends with crap that is bad for you! ANYWAY I ordered a nut bag (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, YEP I JUST DID) online and Wednesday night (thank you prime) yours truly will be making some vanilla, cinnamon almond milk with her nut bag! (nope, doesn't get old)

One of the greatest people in my life, Lauren, suggested a food blog a few weeks ago,, and I have been following it ever since, almond milk recipe comes from her. I haven't made a lot of things from the site but so far what I have made have been REALLY GOOD! So on we go in the hunt of finding new things to make that taste DAMN GOOD!

So far this weekend I have tried baked banana foster's steel cut oatmeal, very tasty and this afternoon I made bacon chickpeas to put on a peanut butter and banana sandwich (GENIUS! Thank you Elvis) I have to give credit where credit is due here though...
Alex's exact words were, "Wow these are kind of bacon-y" Good enough for me! Tonight on the adventures of Beth and Alex we are going to make this lentil, maple baked dish with crusty bread thing and then more couch time.

***side note, just made lentil maple baked dish...AMAZING!!!!!! It was such a hearty (almost beef) stew.

Lastly the weekly exercise round up....

Sunday - 5 miles at the gym, GO ME!
Monday - Day off
Tuesday - Bells
Wednesday - Gym in the AM
Thursday - Off
Friday - Bells
Saturday - Gym

**Alright friends off to lay on the couch some more.

P.s. here's the million dollar question of the day....the lady at Bare Minerals (make up place) tried to sell me teal and bright green eye shadow today...who wears teal and bright green eye shadow and better yet do I look like the gal who would wear either?? Is it that close to the next holiday we need to start pushing this stuff??

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