Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lunch Today

Sorry I have to share this...so the place I work has a full service kitchen but no microwave...totally makes sense, we don't microwave anything here which is a good thing. For reheating one's lunch you need to be creative in how to do it. Most of the time I put my tuppy in the hot box which slowly reheats the food and I never have a problem.

Today went a little differently, the chef tells me that the hot box is broken but to give him the food and he'll reheat it on the stove, "Great! Thanks!!" I think. I go to turn away and walk back in the office only to see him reach for the olive oil and begin to DUMP it all over my fabulous low cal "warm" baked potato salad. I go to stop him and he goes, "What!? It adds flavor!" Then he says, "How can you eat this stuff, it looks too healthy! You need some butter and cream (sorry dairy cows, I am so so sorry)" next I look over and he is grabbing some sauteed mushrooms from another pan and tossing it into the mix. I will give you two guesses what those mushrooms were cooked in....tick tock tick tock...YEP Oil and Butter!

At this point I figure I am totally at his whim and there is no saving this now not so healthy lunch. He walks away from the pan to do something else and I say, "I think this is all set!!?" He goes, "No it's not hot enough yet!" I go, "No no I think it's fine!!!" I just want to get back to work and for him not to put any more fat into this!

Finally he puts in back in my Tupperware and gives me a look of disgust. I guess he hates Brussels sprouts as much as Alex does. Instead of walking the Charles at lunch today I am going to have to run. I also am going to apologize now to anyone who has to see me in a bathing suit in two weeks and now you know why I look like a beached whale. :)


  1. I love brussel sprouts. Could eat them every day.

  2. Actually, its Jim, not Julie. She hates brussel sprouts

  3. This is one of the many reasons why we are related!