Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello Wednesday....

Dear Life,

THANKS! What a way to start my morning!!! For breakfast I had my go to, all time favorite, sliced banana on a rice cake with peanut butter this morning. I was in a rush and trying to eat it in the car while driving. I was also putting on makeup, solving world hunger and curing cancer all at the same time! (No not really) But I was so hungry and stuffing my face so quickly that I did not notice a massive piece (possibly two) of banana had fallen under my tush. I had a mini dance party in the car while driving listening to Zumba music from my Sunday AM class (anything to distract myself from traffic and the hellish commute that is apart of my every day life!). You see where I am going with this....

I walk into work, (still no clue), say hi to a few clients, (nope nothing) say hi to some guys in the kitchen (still nothing and we all know they stare at EVERYONE'S ass) and then I see my a/v friend in the hallway in front of one of our dining rooms. We chat for awhile and as I am walking away he goes, "What the hell is on your ass?!" There we go!

I had banana SMOOSHED into every part of the seat of my dress pants. WOOOOO HOOOOOO! I then spent the next 5 minutes standing there wiping my tush with soda water and napkins while my friend inspected my behind. (Thank you Charles...thank you!)

And if it wasn't for my nice friend at work who kindly pointed it out I would have had no idea until I sat down at my desk! This is pay back for not mentioning the HUGE green piece of something stuck in one of my clients teeth during our meeting last week. KARMA!!!!!!

3 days till Mexico...3 days!

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