Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another Day in Paradise.....part dois

I woke up this morning kind of in a funk. It was the first day that I felt a little bit of the "post vacation blues".

All I had to do was start looking through everyone's pictures and it perked me right back up again. Between all of the people in my life that will allow me to gush about my trip, pouring over pictures over and over again and stopping by a Dunkin Donut that is ran by Brazilian's where I used my fifteen Portuguese words to order my morning coffee I still have that slight tinge of vacation left in me.

*almost EVERY time I was in the water (ocean or pool) this was the permanent look on my face. Why you might ask??!! Because I was CAKED in sunscreen and it kept dripping down into my eyes. Never got a sun burn but may be going slightly blind. 

I won't bore you with all the vacation details but I do want to say this. It was truly (as I mentioned many times before) the most unique vacation I have ever been on. Only because I was able to really experience this area of Brazil and not by tour group or by water down version of a country. It was full on VIVA La Brazil!

Was it totally relaxing? YES! There were times when I felt slightly more on guard or a little frustrated because I had a hard time communicating with people but even in those uncomfortable times I was still relaxed and learning about life. There was no resort with all the plush over the top amenities like a swim up bar but  who really needs a swim up bar when you have water this blue as your back yard?!

The most utterly surprising fun facts about where we were staying in Brazil....

1. No water heaters in the homes only in the showers which you need to figure out how to light the pilot lights each time if you feel like taking a hot shower. This means that when you turn on the kitchen sink to wash the dishes or maybe clean up a cutting board after prepping raw fish there is no hot water at all to work with. After day one of this all I could think was "a little soap and a little hope" that none of us get sick. This fun fact is brought to you by Hepatitis A, the number 7 and the letter C! GET THE SHOTS BEFORE YOU GO!

2. This one really took me off guard. You can't flush toilet paper down the toilets! Nope not at all. Can't flush a square or KABOOM! And as my brother's girlfriend said, "Plumber No aque" Awesome. It wasn't as bad as it sounds. Our house keepers came and cleaned out the small trash cans by the toilets every day and they all had small lids too. I do have to say it felt REALLY good to wad up a big handful of TP and flush it in the airport on our layover when we got back to the states! (little things in life) 

3. Every time you go out to eat it will take (if you go to a bar or restaurant) at a MINIMUM an hour and half. This country likes to take their time and has no real concept of a schedule. If for example your boat/booze cruise is going to leave the docks at MOST LIKELY will take off closer to 11:30ish but you never know it could leave on time!! So be ready to bring your patience to every situation. 

*they are such a good looking couple!!! And would have VERY cute kids! 

4. It takes a LONG time to explain things in the Portuguese language. You think I talk a lot....I don't hold a candle next to ANYONE who speaks Portuguese. Their language just doesn't seem to work with the "one word" type answers. We would ask my brother and his girlfriend a question (like a pretty straight forward yes or no question). They would then turn to each other and go back and forth for a solid 2 minutes (I know I exaggerate at times....this is not one of those times) and then Andy would turn back over to us and go, "Awwwww....she said maybe" UH?! 

5. This is how you will look after every lunch....Lunch is your biggest meal. Get use to filling up at lunch because dinner is going to be a yogurt. I actually didn't mind this at all. I almost liked it better. It doesn't work with my current schedule at work but it was a nice change.

*Small spanish artist's town about 2 hours south of Angra with some very beautiful and color homes. 

Brazil is a beautiful, large and very interesting country. I couldn't recommend it more to people looking to really dive into a new culture and have a very relaxing vacation. I am so grateful I was able to share these experience with members of my family as everyone brought something fabulous to the table and made every moment that much better. 

Get out of your comfort zone and see the world. It makes you appreciate what we have here but makes you a better person in the end. 

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