Monday, March 3, 2014

Things I am in love with right now....

Talk about slacking on writing lately!!! I have been so into my knitting that with every free moment I've had I have been working on a knitting project. I thought it would be fun to do a list on here of some things I am in currently in love with right now.

1. Knitting with very expensive, beautiful, bright hand dyed yarns....I am head over heels in love with yarn. I can't get enough of it. My 23 year old self is hanging their head in shame and disbelief....But I think she'll get over it though. :)

The past three weeks I have been spending EVERY free moment I have finishing a knitting project...aka The Tennis Ball Cardigan.....and drum roll please....IT IS DONE!!!! Blocked and Everything!! I just adore it! I came out way better than I ever thought it would and to be honest I just can't believe I made it. These two little hands!

Next up....the three pattern (very expensive) COWL!!!! It's soft, warm and cozy. I nicknamed it the "hate cowl" but half way through I slowly started falling love with it and now that it's done it makes me so happy to put it on. 

My obsession continues of course with a new knitting projects. Currently I have these two going on

- The hedge hog
- The cardigan with Zen Garden Yarn (need to start)

2. Fresh Berries to snack on. I am CRAVING summer. I need sunshine, flip flops and warm weather. This winter has been BRUTAL up here in the Boston area and it doesn't look like there is an immediate end insight. So yours truly has been buying organic, expensive raspberries and strawberries to snack on during the week. It's like $10 or so for two little packs but it is SO WORTH IT. Every time I take a bite of one of them it tastes like summer to me. Organic berries are well worth the money because they are packed with flavor. The other ones seems to lack that ripe berry flavor. Trust me pick some up at Whole Foods and you will taste the difference. It's a total guilty pleasure but one that is well worth it in my book.

3. Biena Chickpea Snacks (Current Flavor I am in love with...Cinnamon Maple). They taste like cinnamon toast crunch cereal. 1/2 a bag is 3 weight watchers points and totally kills a sweet tooth craving or just a crunchy snack craving. It's a super roasted chickpea that is coated with maple syrup and cinnamon. DELISH! I would try and make these myself but I can never get the chickpeas roasty toasty enough like they do so I figure why waste my time and chickpeas when I can just get them already done for me. Some things I know I should leave to the experts, roasting chickpeas happens to be one of them.

4. My, Isa Does It...cookbook. Everything we have made from here (3 recipes thus far) have been HUGE winners. The cookbook is easy to follow, beautifully laid out and I actually love the paper it's printed on. If you are interested in healthy vegan recipes and don't want to have to buy an entire new pantry worth of crap to cook with than this is a good book for you. As most of you know we (alex and myself) are not 100% vegan but I cook that way for us a few times a week.

5. Last but not least....DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....(Yes, I too can't believe I am admitting this to all of you) I finally broke down and bought the Complete Will and Grace box set...Woooooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!

I have only made it through the first two dvd's of SEASON 1!!!! And there were 8 seasons's going to take me a lifetime to watch it all but who the hell cares. It was/is a total guilty pleasure tv that I have seen a hundred times and even now still makes me giggle...Jack and Karen I will love you always!

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