Thursday, March 27, 2014


So we are back from Brazil! I am little tanner, wiser and tired. We are slowly trying to get back into the swing of things in real life but I am not ready to let go of the vacation yet. I plan to load up on self tanner to hold on to this glow as long as I can as well as get back on the weight watchers...all the cheese and bread is starting to catch up to yours truly. With all that said....drum roll please.....

So I give you our trip to BRAZIL!!!!! (as a disclaimer I promise this won't be as boring as looking at someone's slides from their Hawaiian vacation in the 1970's but it's not nearly as interesting as if you were there with us! So if you need to take a break from said blog posts I do understand)

Alex got a little excited about his vacation before we even took off from hour later and this is how I found him after I got back from buying plane snacks.....

 Day 1: Grab your coconut people and join in on the fun!!

And now I give you....the plane ride from hell! We got on the long leg of the flight from Charlotte to Rio at 10pm and sat on the plane for almost 2 hours while they said they had an "issue"....SHOT ME NOW! I took the little blue pills a little too early and was delirious by 11:30pm. That brown doughnut of a pillow was ZERO help at all. I should've taken better drugs!

Holy shit we just flew for 13 hours in a tin can and now we're in Brazil!!!!

First's hot. I mean like instantly need a shower after you walk outside kind hot but god damn it's beautiful!

Top four things that people in Rio and Brazilians in general embrace....

1. Carbs and cheese...they eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner.  The sprinkle bread crumbs on bread for christ sake. They LOVE the pao (bread in portuguese...I am going to teach you as you read)!

2. "I'm too sexy for my shirt" should be their theme song! Americans cover up and Brazilians take it off! All off and they have no issues at all with self imagine. Regardless what you look like the rule of thumb here is the smaller the item of clothing the better. Large women and men wearing next to nothing with fat rolls for days with not a care in the world eating bread and cheese and wearing tennie tiny bikini's and banana hammocks!

3. Drink em if you got em! You can stand and drink any where. On the weekends every where you look people are standing up against a wall drinking beer out of small glasses. It's their thing. Viva la booze!

*you can't see it in this picture but those guys have tall beers in their's 8:30am on a Sunday morning. Viva Viva la booze!!! This is the view from our posada on the first night in Rio. It felt like we could be any where in Europe. It was adorable!!!

4. are no one in Rio without a pair of havianana's. Super comfy flip flops that come in all shapes and colors. The expensive ones are about $18 US totally worth getting and for that money who cares if you loose them, rip them or ruin them in anyway. Go to the havaianas store in Leblon in Rio. Hands down the best selection and cheapest prices.

Within in the first 10 hours in Rio we walked, we saw and we ate. My brother led us on a fabulous death march around the city where we saw the gardens, climb a mountain, walked on Copacabana beach and had two very different but very fabulous meals all in the matter of what felt like 15 mins but luckily was stretched out over half the day and walking 8 1/2 miles. I wouldn't have traded a single moment of it in for the world.

*the public gardens in Brazil....BEAUTIFUL and LOTS OF SHADE!!!!! Which is KEY in this city if you are here in the summer time. The fountain shoots water straight at you when you step on the little peddle. Sneaky sneaky Brazil...sneaky sneaky!

*Next up....Cristo from the top of Sugar Loaf while the sun is setting. It's a total tourist trap but worth the $30 USD to go to the top and see the views of the city at sun set. If you have to do one thing that is super touristy in Rio, I would say this is it. 

*more shots from the top of sugar loaf...again worth the $$....screw going to see Cristo you can see him from every where in the city. Sugar Loaf people...Sugar Loaf. 

 Now this is hands down one of the BEST bars in all of Rio, it's in Leblon and it's a party. Great bar food, great Chopp (their version of tap beer) and just a really authentic, fun atmosphere. It was totally by accident we found this spot and I am so glad we did. 

*these are views from the roof top deck and dining space of our posada in Rio and a traditional Brazilian breakfast. If you take one thing away from a trip to Brazil it's how amazing the coffee and fruit are. You haven't tasted a mango until you get one there. They are so sweet, ripe and fresh you feel like you are really induleding in something but it's just ultra fresh fruit! 

Day 2:
And the adventure continues....we left Rio and drove about three hours south to Angra dos Reis.

It's a large sea side town that is surrounded by 365 mountainous islands.

On the way we stopped at the most fabulous cheese shop where they made sweets, cookies and a few different kinds of cheeses that are just amazing. Made from the cows milk that is on their small farm. Still wish I bought more of the homemade cookies with guava in the middle of them. Holy shit were those good. Sorry there are no picture of any of this. We were all a little "hangry" at this point in the three hour car ride.

I am going to leave you with this....We stayed at what looks like the Swiss family Robinson house on the ocean. It's this massive tree house that is multi level and built into the side of a hill on the ocean with a pool, sauna, wrap around double deck and dock where you can safely just dive into a blue green ocean that is like bath water, 80 + degrees!!!

*view from the top deck off the main house which has 4 bedrooms and two a suites.

*down the steps to the second level 

*tv/living room/ extra sleeping space

*view from the deck 

*spa room with steam room and sauna

Back side of the house, yet another horrible picture. The water in the ocean is warmer that the water in the pool! Pinch me I'm dreaming!

More to come.....


  1. Now I want to go to Brazil!! Looks awesome!!

    1. Wait for the second post....You need to make it down there. It was AMAZING