Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Do you think doing this marathon is worse than child birth?" GOD I HOPE SO!

HOLY SHIT I WALKED A MARATHON!!!!! Today friends I walked the Boston Marathon!!!! It was to stand up for cancer. I was there mainly for the snacks and really I had nothing better to do at 5:30am on this fine Sunday morning. Did I sign up for the walk? Nope! One of oldest friends (been friends for over 26 years) did so I donated to her page and said I would also walk the whole thing with her. I.e. Be her cheerleader for 8 hours while walking our butts off. But they really do have great snacks along the way!!!

This is what 5:30am looks like in Hopkinton, MA....where is that you ask?! 26.9 miles away from the center of Boston! Again.... HOLY SHIT I WALKED A MARATHON!!!

Have I done this before? NO! I have ever, on purpose walked more than 26 miles before? (another great question) NO!

My training plans were A. to buy new shoes about a month before the walk which I used a total of 8 times (I had much bigger dreams for these shoes but I for some reason have boycotting the gym for the entire month of August) and B. carbo loading the night before (ate an entire box of annie's mac and cheese) and went to bed at 8pm with an aggressive amount of little blue pills. I don't recommend this plan at all and if I ever do anything like this again I would try to work in some compression sleeves but god damnit I did it!

I feel like I went to battle and WON! The only current causalities are my two "ring" toes...those nails are 100% coming off and MASSIVE I mean MASSIVE blisters all over my feet. My knees keep twitching but I think that's about it.

WE DID IT!!!!!

The best part was about 3 miles to the finish we noticed these guys doing push ups at every mile marker. They were 65 or 70 year old police chiefs on some team. I asked them where they started (there are four start points....26 miles, 13 miles, 5 miles and 3 miles (I think).) I am expecting them to say the 13 AT MOST...Oh no the 26 and they have been doing 10 push ups at every mile marker. And then there's me by mile 17 babbling about nothing out of shear delusion to take my mind off the pain. Check Please! 

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