Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And the hits keep coming....

Friday night, as some of you know, I went and saw the Hang Over 2 with a few friends. First was apps and drinks at Trina's Starlight Lounge in Inman...then one more stop at Russell House Tavern in Harvard Sq for another quick cocktail and snack before going into the theater.It's Friday night, why stop now!

It's about five minutes before the movie is going to start and I look at my friends and say, "Are we taking cocktails into the theater? Should I go to the liquor store?" They both said, "Of course!" Let's get something straight here....I don't NEED to drink to see a movie but it's Friday night and I WANT to! I run down the street to the only liquor store like an Olympian going for the gold and do they have nips? No! Only wine. Ok ok, not a problem...I was in daisy scouts and did make it to one year of brownies I quit that after I realized we were going to "eat brownies" every time and it was more about doing good for the community blah blah blah. So anyway I am a very resourceful person here and might I add try and make the best of every situation. You hand me limes I say Margaritas! You get the point....

Since I have learned the lesson of buying a bottle of wine and not having a wine key to open the damn thing before (I.e. Chandra and I using butter knives to try and pry the cork out of the bottle...desperate times call for desperate measures) I knew screw tops were the only way to go. I sprung for the most expensive screw top they had because if I am going to use every weight watchers point I have left drinking this it better taste good! $20, negotiating with the 7-11 guy about "donating" three plastic or paper cups to my cause which I then I had to pay $2 bucks for and running into a client (literally) on the street in Harvard Sq later we were sitting in the movie theater with the movie opening scenes just starting.

I carefully (I was wearing white, this is red wine and I am a Roseto so every shirt I own has a stain on it some where) pour out the entire bottle into three LARGE clear plastic Slurpee cup and put the empty bottle between my seat and my friend sitting next to me. About twenty minutes into the movie I remember I have a bottle of water in purse. Apparently this purse is like a Mary Poppins bag this evening...bottles of wine, water, a small chinchilla, gum, tums, lip gloss....you name it I have it!

So I grab the bottle of water, take a big sip (so happy) and place it next to the side of my chair because my two friends a hogging both arm rests and I am a good enough person not to care. All of the sudden the bottle of water slips down the side of the chair, smacks the empty bottle of wine and both tumble down 30 rows of seats on the ground making a VERY loud noise. I am dying, dying laughing. Most of the thearter is laughing not at the movie but at the three of us sitting in the back row and trying to look behind our shoulders 'Playing it cool' as if we had NO IDEA who could have done that.

Needless to say it was by far the funniest part of the movie and when we were walking out some chicks in front of me were saying "Do you think that was beer bottle or wine?" If it was beer there would have been many more of them...Never a dull moment.

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